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5 Things We Learned About The Samsung Gear S2 at IFA 2015

IFA, Europe's biggest tech show, began today in Berlin with Samsung showcasing their newest smartwatch for 2016, the Gear S2. Samsung revealed images of the new wearable earlier this month but hadn't gone into much detail about its functionality outside of technical specifications.

Lets recap 5 of most interesting things that revealed about the Gear S2 today:

1. Mobile Phone Not Needed

There will be two models of the Gear S2, a 3G and Bluetooth version. While both versions will have wifi, nfc and bluetooth capabilities the 3G version allows it to fully function without depending on a user's cell phone. This is a great model for those that that don't have an Android to pair the non-3G version with or for those that don't want their watch to rely on their phone. The necessity of mobile phone pairing to properly function remains one of the biggest complaints of its competitors such as the Apple Watch.

2. Control Everything

The Gear S2 will be compatible with a variety of third party apps such as Nike +, Uber and Smart Things. With the 3G version you will be able to call Ubers anywhere you are, even without your phone, make sure your house is locked and even adjust the temperature inside your home. Samsung has partnerships with a lot of motor vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen and BMW, allowing users to monitor engine levels, locate their car and start and stop charging of their battery if they have an electric car.


3. Advanced Fitness Tracking

We already knew that the Gear S2 would have industry standard capabilities for active users such as heart rate monitoring, and fitness tracking, but today, they gave us a better look. Both functions are fully automated. The heart rate monitor will constantly record your bpm giving your daily highs and lows as pictured below. The fitness tracker will record activity in three sections as high, medium and low based on motion and heart rate. The Gear S2 will also motivate you giving encouragement through display messages when exercising. 


4. D.I.Y Face

The Gear S2 is fully customizable. From the faces to the custom bands, there are an endless number of possibilities for the smartwatch's appearance. Italian designer Alessandro Mendini even has a personal collection that will be available for purchase upon the products release. On top of picking from hundreds of face designs, users will be able to customize every part of the display from the dials to the placement of the date and updates from third part apps on the home screen. Samsung is calling this feature the D.I.Y. face.


5. Release Date

Unfortunately Samsung didn't give a hard release date as many expected, but they did say that the Gear S2 will be available to the public in October of this year. 

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