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The Email Survey is Dead

email-survey-dead_blog.pngWhen email surveys first came on the market, they were an incredible innovation over direct mail. After all, direct mail is expensive, has low response rates and is so slow the data is already outdated by the time you get a response. Email killed the direct mail survey.

Now the email survey is becoming extinct. How many of your email surveys actually receive enough responses to be useful? You're not alone. In fact, there are many reasons why email surveys are increasingly outdated:

  • The average response rate for an online survey is around 10-15%. With samples that low, you can’t actually know what the majority of your members are thinking.
  • You usually only send one or two surveys a quarter, meaning you can only ask general questions and reponses may be out of date. 
  • Many survey companies have high startup costs that require you to skillfully craft your own questions to gather easily actionable insights. 
  • 75% of smartphone owners are ‘highly likely’ to delete emails that they can’t read on their phone.
  • No matter how catchy your subject line, email surveys look like spam.

Introducing Mobile Feedback

Mobile feedback is the future of capturing the voice of the customer. This new technology is quickly becoming the gold standard for all of its customers.

  • Almost 1-in-4 customer feedback surveys are now completed on a mobile device. One year ago that number was just 15%.
  • Feedback gathered on a mobile app is provided by users immediately after relevant actions, instead of days or weeks later.  
  • Data is collected in real time, enabling your staff to identify issues and act immediately.
  • Mobile feedback surveys are short and designed specifically for mobile devices, leading to a much higher completion rate.

Many industries are making the switch from email surveys to mobile feedback. Uber is currently valued at $62.5 billion due in part to how they utilized their groundbreaking mobile feedback strategy -- which your club can use too.

There are three big advantages to Uber’s system:

  1. It’s seamlessly built into the mobile experience.
  2. It’s required after every ride. 
  3. It’s on mobile, making it quick, simple and convenient.

It’s clear that Uber is on to something: using mobile apps is a highly effective way to get real-time, actionable feedback from customers.

How can mobile feedback work for me?

With mobile feedback built into your club's mobile app, your members will be prompted to rate their gym experience from 1 to 5 stars after every visit. The process is so short and seamless that it becomes a normal part of your members’ workout routine.

Advantages for your members: Mobile feedback is seamlessly built into your club’s app, and the entire process happens with a few taps. This has huge advantages over paper or email surveys. While email surveys take less effort to complete than paper surveys, members still have to follow a link, read multiple questions and respond to all of them before submitting. It may not seem like much, but this process creates enough of a barrier to prevent many of your members from completing surveys.

The app experience removes these barriers. A feedback prompt appears organically in-app, and the entire process takes just a few seconds. There is only one question, "How was your last workout?”, with the option for members to provide comments.

Advantages for your club: There are many advantages for your club as well. Now you are collecting feedback from all of your members instead of a small, vocal minority. The real-time data you receive allows you to address issues or opportunities as they happen, instead of finding out about them later when it is too late and an upset member has already cancelled their membership.

While there is obvious value for quickly seeing negative feedback, there is also immense business value in positive reviews. Members who write positive reviews will be prompted by the app to post the review to your Yelp page. It only requires a few extra taps from your members, and their positive reviews will be shared with the entire world instead of just your staff.

Motivating Your Staff to Give 110%

A recent fitness industry study surveyed 9,900 club members to determine what influences members to stay or leave a club. They found that knowledgeable and friendly staff hold the biggest sway over members. If your staff are good, your members will naturally refer your club to their family and friends. If your staff don't meet their expectations, your members are much more likely to leave your club.

Motivating your staff to perform well is one of the biggest advantages of mobile feedback. When Uber implemented their ratings system, drivers started to go above and beyond expectations for every customer to ensure a 5-star rating. The average rating for an Uber driver is 4.8 out of 5. Uber drivers are expected to perform so well that an average rating of 4.6 is low enough to be put on probation. Would your staff average 5 stars if they were rated by every member they interacted with? When they know that they are being constantly evaluated, your staff will give 110% to every member, every time.

Email surveys are more effective than direct mail surveys. But just as email killed direct mail, mobile feedback has made email surveys obsolete. More industries are making the switch to mobile and reaping the rewards. Mobile feedback will give you a better understanding of which members to sell to and which to save from quitting. You’ll see real data on your club’s true strengths and weaknesses. This generates instant positive business value for your club, instead of becoming just another tool that you waste money on.

Harness the power of Mobile Feedback for your club. Find out what your members are thinking, discover upsells and prevent cancellations:

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