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The Top 3 Apps For Nutrition Tracking


Fitness tracking doesn't just mean recording all of your workouts. Tracking what you're eating is just as important as tracking your exercise in order to meet your fitness goals. Being able to accurately record your caloric intake could be the difference between losing those extra few pounds or not.

Main App Features

  • Accessible food activity tracker
  • Record calorie and nutrition facts
  • Create and track diet progress

Members That Will Love It

The calorie conscious that wants to eat right and make healthier food decisions.

Here are the pros and cons of our top 3 choices:


  • Enormous database of food and drinks
  • Integrates with countless apps
  • Clean interface allows for quick recording of meals
  • Repetitive push notifications
  • Requires constant logging for recommendation features

Available for iOS and Android.

Lose It!lose-it.png

  • Easy to use
  • Recipe builder
  • Barcode scanning
  • Unable to search for foods without being in log mode
  • Only tracks cups, spoons and fluid ounces

Available for iOS and Android.


  • Intuitive, messaging-like interface
  • Lark acts like a personal coach by sending reminders to log food
  • Automatically tracks steps and sleep
  • Repetitive push notifications
  • Lacks integrations with other tracking apps

Available for iOS and Android.

Learn more about tracking workouts. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Tracking Apps:tracking-apps-guide

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