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The Top 4 Fastest Growing Technology Trends In the Fitness Industry


ACE, ClubIntel and IHRSA recently released an industry-wide study on fitness trends from 2013 to 2015 across multiple categories. It’s not surprising that the number of clubs adopting fitness technology grew exponentially over the past two years -- the wearables market has exploded and innovative ways of working out are constantly emerging. But with all of these innovations, which of them have seen the biggest growth?

Here top 4 fastest growing technology trends in health clubs over the past two years:

4. Online Class Reservations Have Increased By 144%

Nothing is more frustrating for members than showing up to a group fitness class that’s at capacity. The ability to register for classes online makes things easier for members, instructors and operators. Members can effortlessly sign up for the classes that interest them without having to call or email, freeing up staff time. Canceling class registrations is also a breeze -- instructors can see who’s registered for their classes, and club owners can get more people registered by offering an frictionless online process.

3. Participation in ClassPass or Similar Online Programs Have Increased By 156%

ClassPass is the best way for people to have flexible workout options with thousands of group fitness classes available every day at endless locations. The $99 a month membership allows users to take as many classes per month as they like, which is perfect for those who enjoy group exercise classes like yoga or barre.

2. Online Training Services Have Increased by 163%

Virtual training and coaching is becoming a staple in the fitness world. Many clubs are using a mobile app as the liaison between trainers and members. Apps like Endomondo allow users to simulate the experience of having a personal coach with them through their headphones. Technologies like this make PT more accessible, opening up a new market for operators to target with tech-enabled PT services.

1. Mobile Applications Have Increased by 168%

It’s no surprise that mobile app usage in clubs have seen the biggest growth over the past two years. Smartphone owners use apps for everything, and fitness is no exception. Astoundingly, fitness apps in particularly have seen a 62% increase in daily use versus the 33% increase of overall app usable. A club-branded mobile app is the best way for clubs to engage members, electronically sell memberships and create a seamless, connected club experience.

In fact, a mobile app would integrate the advantages of trend #2 and #4 on this list into one easy to implement technology solution. Members are able to view the schedule of upcoming classes and register for them right on their smartphone, as well as take advantage of any virtual training services your club might offer. Trainers can use the app to track members’ workout history and progress even when not in session. This expands the ability to engage your members well beyond the club’s walls.

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