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10 Fitness Tech Trends of 2016 [Webinar Recap]


During the “10 Tech Trends in 2016” webinar hosted by Netpulse VP of Growth Greg Skloot and FIT-C President Bryan K. O’Rourke, they discussed 10 emerging technology trends impacting the fitness industry and gave thoughts on how clubs can utilize these to be successful.

With 80% of Americans now owning smartphones, your members have integrated new technology into every aspect of their lives from pre-ordering coffee through an app and instantly streaming music to paying their bills on their smartphones. Based on the seamless digital experiences they use every day, members will expect more from your club in 2016.

Greg and Brian discussed and analyzed how new trends will directly impact your club and how you can take advantage of them to provide your members with the best possible experience while staying ahead of the competition.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How your members' digital experiences, from Starbucks to their laundry room, are changing expectations for your club
  • Why digital will be the biggest differentiator for clubs in 2016
  • Creating ancillary revenue streams by becoming a lifestyle brand
  • How your club can deeply integrate wearables into your club's experience
  • Integrating Microtransactions into your sales strategy
  • How to use technology to segment your members, and create strategic contextualized product offerings for them
  • Why digital content will become the new currency in the marketing world - a Facebook page isn't enough anymore
  • How to combine advanced digital platforms to provide an integrated club experience 
  • The tools you need to deliver personalized messages to your members
  • Minimizing and preventing cancellations with new digital tools


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