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3 Biggest Trends of FIBO 2016

icarosheader_1.pngFIBO 2016 is over, but its impact on the fitness industry will reverberate for the rest of the year and beyond. The fitness industry is shifting rapidly and the biggest trends at FIBO will soon become standards in the fitness industry. Here are three of the biggest trends from FIBO that will affect your club’s business in the future.

1. The Rise of Wearables

One of the biggest trends of FIBO 2016 was the wearable revolution. By 2018, the global wearable market is expected to be worth over $12 billion, and today over 20% of Americans own one. To engage with the rise of wearables, FIBO built a premium convention hall dedicated to the impact of wearables on the industry’s future. Exciting new wearables were all over the convention floor, like the Cosinuss, a Bluetooth earbuds and heart-rate monitor hybrid.

While watch-like fitness tracking devices are evolving into cheaper and stronger devices, a whole new wearables field is finally beginning to develop into mass market products: fitness-tracking clothing.

One of this year’s winners of FIBO’s prestigious “Innovation & Trend Award” (described as the “Oscars of the Fitness Industry”) is Gym Aesthetics’ High-Tech Underwear. Sensor technology embedded into the underwear records force and movement data from over 900 fitness exercises and can use that data to calculate your number of repetitions, muscle strain and the strength of the active forces on your body. It can even tell if you’re doing exercises incorrectly!

As fitness-tracking clothing enters the mainstream, wearables will become an even bigger part of the fitness ecosystem going forward. Does your club have a good wearable integration strategy?

2. Virtual Reality Comes to Life

It’s no longer just a Star Trek fantasy - virtual reality is here and is primed to have a huge impact on the fitness industry. ICAROS, an innovator in fitness VR, made the biggest splash at the convention by winning one of FIBO’s Innovation & Trend awards. The ICAROS machine works with the newly-launched Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headsets to blend the physical world with a virtual one. Moving on the machine gives users a full-body workout while simultaneously improving reflexes and balance. While the ICAROS is currently over $8,000, there are many cheaper options that are currently available for purchase, including the Oculus Rift and the brand new HTC Vive. Have you thought about how your club can integrate virtual reality?

3. The Mobile Revolution

One undeniable take away from FIBO is that keeping up with new technologies is going to be essential for club’s to thrive in 2016 and beyond. Especially with regards to the rise of wearables and fitness-tracking clothing, gym members are going to be interacting with their smartphones more than ever. Netpulse had the opportunity to speak at FIBO and spread the word about how features your members currently love in their most used apps--like Starbuck’s rewards tracking or Domino’s one-tap pizza ordering--will be the future of the fitness industry as well.

Your members will soon expect to be able to sign up for personal training and track their workout results all on their smartphones--and for the experience to be personalizd and intuitive. Is your club ready to deliver?

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