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3 Coolest Products at Elevate

shutterstock_362072633.jpgElevate, the United Kingdom’s largest B2B event dedicated to physical activity, is just around the corner! With over four thousand attendees from disciplines like sports science, leisure management, performance and even government, Elevate is a premier networking and learning opportunity for the fitness industry.

The event is set to feature 25 seminar sessions with 100 total speakers, exhibitions from 150 industry leading organizations and of course feature areas to present the most innovative products and solutions at the show.

You probably won’t have time to check out everything at Elevate, so we’re going to help you out. Here are three of the coolest products at the trade show.

3. CardioWall Pro-X Elite

Imagine having a punching bag that gave you real-time tips, had internet access and included a touchscreen interface? Well that’s what you have with Rugged Interactive’s CardioWall Pro-X Elite. The Pro-X Elite is the most advanced edition of their CardioWall series and is used for High Intensity Interval training, reaction and cognitive exercises, as well as balance, speed and stamina training.

The Pro-X Elite features 14 bulletproof LED pods that act as sensors and includes 30 workout variations. As the member goes through a workout, the sensors sync real-time data to a mounted 23’’ touchscreen so members can track their progress. The interactive aspect of the Pro-X Elite allows members to visualize improvements and target problem areas in ways never before seen in the combat training arena.

2. Swimtag Wristband

Swimming wearables are the next frontier of fitness tech, and Swimtag is well on their way to conquering it. The company, which was awarded Best Wearable Technology at the 2015 Sports Technology Awards, has developed a wristband specifically for aquatics junkies. The wearable, which minimizes water resistance and can record up to 7 hours of continuous data, is made to serve as a core draw for aquatics facilities.

Swimtag tracks statistics like pace and stroke rate and helps members structure swimming plans over any number of training sessions. As the member progresses through the swimming plan, Swimtag gives detailed feedback after each training session to show members how they’ve improved over time. Swimtag is also a major member engagement tool for clubs, as their challenges feature allows members to compete against one another in virtual leagues based on stats like distance or stroke type.

1. Power Plate Pro7HC

Did you know that vibration technology was an actual fitness niche? Well neither did we until we came across Power Plate, the world’s leader in vibration technology. Power Plate is used by consumers, health clubs and doctors in over 100 countries to help people meet their fitness goals and to help treat conditions like multiple sclerosis, diabetes and osteoporosis. Members can sit, stand, or kneel on the Power Plate’s platform to get a high-intensity vibration workout that helps build strength, relieve pain or anything else in between.

Their Pro7HC is the first ever commercial vibration training device that is designed specifically for the needs of medical facilities and treatment centers. The Pro7HC features an LCD touch screen that includes video programs focused on neurological health, pain relief and other common health conditions. The LCD screen is also used to display results from the device’s integrated heart rate monitor and range of motion tracking capabilities.

Technology like these products are going to shape the future of the fitness industry going forward. But that isn't all. Check out our Club of 2020 guide to learn about the future of the fitness industry.


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