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3 Coolest Products at #IHRSA2016


The biggest names in the fitness industry are all getting ready to descend into the Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando to attend IHRSA 2016, the industry’s premier trade show. With over 10,000 attendees from nearly 80 countries #IHRSA2016 is sure to be a hotbed of innovation, education and of course, fitness.

Since there’s so much to see and only three and a half days to do it, we went through the list of exhibitors and picked out the three products that you absolutely need to check out while in Orlando.

1. Hot Box Detox

Created by Planet Beach, the Hot Box Detox is a spa program that will revolutionize how spa-goers see the spa. It combines the impact of infrared sauna therapy and isometric body poses to help people detox their body and burn tons of calories at the same time.

Each session in the Hot Box Detox lasts for 30 minutes and is led by a virtual instructor from a screen built into the sauna chamber. Stephen Smith, CEO of Planet Beach, estimates that each session in the Hot Box Detox can burn over 800 calories and says that the combination of 120 degree steam and isometric postures can improve the immune system, strengthen bones and even help wounds heal faster.

2. Spivi Studio

The Spivi Studio is an innovative 3D simulator system created for indoor cycling studios and fitness clubs. The Spivi Studio collects data like speed, cadence, heart rate and pedaling power through sensors on each bike. It then combines that data with the cyclers age, weight and performance history before generating a unique group simulation that is displayed alongside the performance data in real-time.

The Spivi Studio also includes visualized training programs, where instructors can actually visualize any aspect of their program on the screen in front of them. If a the instructor wants to build power by going up steep hills or burn fat with slight inclines, the screen in front of the entire class will reflect those changes. In addition there are dozens of virtual 3D cycling tracks, multiple camera angles and even dynamic scene lighting control, which helps ensure that the cycling experience is as realistic as possible.

3. Styku

Ever try to measure your waistline or wingspan with a tape measure? If so, then you know how difficult and inaccurate those measurements can be. Now, imagine that there was a 3D full body scanning solution that was 76% more accurate than hand measuring experts and could track changes in your body as well as calculate health metrics over time?

Introducing Styku, a Los Angeles based startup that creates a 3D model made up of over 600 infrared images of your body in just 30 seconds. The model can be rotated, panned or zoomed to evaluate each of your body parts in more detail. With the data Styku provides, fitness professionals can use Styku as a body composition analyzer to better form their personal training programs or health professionals can use it to evaluate the patient's risk of obesity or heart related diseases. Plus, now your tailor won’t ever make another mistake.

These three products aren't the only technologies changing the fitness industry in 2016. Check out our 10 Tech Trends in 2016 guide to learn about more.


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