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3 Crazy Cardio Machines You Have To See To Believe

Many people have the same problem with cardio machines - they don’t have the patience for them. Cardio machines can deliver a killer workout, but when I’m at the gym I don’t have the patience to run in place on a treadmill for thirty minutes, so I end up doing more weight lifting instead where I can quickly switch exercises. While these cardio machines may not be any more effective than the average treadmill or bicycle machine, they certainly would be more interesting to use. These are three crazy cardio machines you have to see to believe.

1. Jacob's Ladder


The Jacob’s Ladder “provides the most efficient exercise for those serious about conditioning.” Set at a 40 degree angle, users climb a never-ending set of ladder rungs. The machine is self-paced, so the faster you go, the faster the ladder moves. This is probably one of the most intense cardio machine workouts possible -- the creators in their own introductory video say that the normal workout time should only be about 10-15 minutes. The machine is priced at $4,195, although the revamped Jacob’s Ladder 2 is only $3,195. It does seem a little cheap that they charge $17.75 for an AC adapter though.

2. VLT Rope Trainer


For those who lack the space, ability or courage to climb up an actual rope, the VLT Rope Trainer has you covered. You can simulate climbing up a rope while sitting, standing or anything other position you can come up with. While it looks kind of goofy, the actual machine seems pretty cool. You can add up to 200 pounds of resistance to the rope, which is specially designed to not cause rope burn. The machine tracks your distance, time, speed and calories and comes in a compact model that can fit in low-ceiling gyms. Best of all is that it runs on just 3 AA batteries, so you can’t get nickel-and-dimed for an AC adapter.

3. Lopifit - The Electric Walking Bike


Who asked for this? How did this come to be? Their website tells it better than I ever could:

“Lopifit started as a small idea when Bruin Bergmeester, the founder of Lopifit, was exercising on his cross trainer in his garage, wondering “How can I use the treadmill outdoors? Wouldn’t that be much more fun including the fact I can enjoy nature? What about a treadmill on wheels?”

Fortunately for all of us, Bruin innovated and discovered the only way to take running outdoors--a treadmill on wheels. You can run on a scooter instead of on the ground for €1,899.00.

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