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3 Most Innovative Technologies at #FIBO2016

shutterstock_217726825.jpgWith #FIBO2016 right around the corner, the biggest names in the fitness industry are getting ready to flood the Exhibition Centre Cologne in Cologne, Germany. The show, which features over 725 exhibitors from 40 different countries, will take place from April 7-10 across over 130,000 square meters of exhibition space.

With almost a dozen different halls and nearly 150,000 visitors, you probably won’t have the chance to check out all the amazing products on display. So we went through the list of exhibitors and picked out the three that you absolutely need to check out when you’re in Cologne.

1. VisionBody

VisionBody is a revolutionary EMS workout system created by the Swiss medical technology company C.H Medical Systems. The VisionBody was designed in part by experienced athletes, personal trainers, orthopedic specialists, physiotherapists and medical technicians before being transformed into reality by top scientists from research universities in Germany and Switzerland. EMS, which stands for electrical muscle stimulation, is more effective than conventional weight training, as EMS workouts typically activate over 90% of the muscle fibers in the body at the same time.


Normal EMS training systems come with inconvenient wires and uncomfortable suits which limit the user’s ability to freely move around. The VisionBody Powersuit however has no cables and comes with Bluetooth connectivity to the included command center, which includes 32 pre-installed training programs and individual combination options to help create a unique and functional EMS workout for any user.
The VisionBody Powersuit will be located in Hall 5.2 at booth A01.

2. brainLight

brainLight is a German company focused on improving customer’s quality of life by integrating innovative technology with Shiatsu massage chairs. brainLight is an international market leader in developing holistic relaxation systems by using advanced audio-visual technology to help bring clarity to the brain through relaxed stimulation. With the touch of a button, brainLight devices can synchronize light, rhythmic sound, music and speech all while controlling the user’s massage chair.

12697329_1026380037453237_1170024510540629371_o.jpgTheir most recent innovation is called 3D FLOAT PLUS, which is a Shiatsu massage chair enhanced with 3D technology. The 3D technology enables massage points to be set exactly to the user’s acupuncture points and includes a body scanning feature to help assist in locating the points on the user’s body where stimulus is most necessary.

brainLight will be located in Hall 5.2 at booth C59.

3. Wav-e Training

Wav-e provides technology that allows users to experience a total body workout in less than 15 minutes. With Wav-e technology was developed with the aim of changing the way people train. It serves as a personal trainer, electro stimulator and total body workout machine all in one device. It allows users to enhance, shape and tone their body without having to spend excessive amounts of time working out.

Wav-e includes a portable device with pre-installed workout regiments, giving users the chance to train wherever and whenever without sacrificing results. And similar to the VisionBody Powersuit, Wav-e includes active functional wear made from anti-bacteriological, silver nanotechnology fabric that allows the user to move freely without having to worry about wires or sweat.

Wav-e Training will be located in Hall 5.2 at booth D48.

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