3 Push Notifications Tips to Increase Member Satisfaction

DMG_push_notifications.jpgPush notifications (also referred to as push alerts) are short messages that are delivered to smartphones. The messages will flash on the home screen if the member is actively using their phone or will appear the next time they check their phone. That’s the power of push - if your members have the notifications enabled, they will see your messages.

Push notifications are the future of member communications. Due to their high visibility push alerts can’t be ignored like emails or phone calls. Members that opt-in to receiving notifications engage with messages 20x more often than they do with the average fitness industry email. More members will interact with more of your messages if you send them as a push alert.

3 Tips for Increasing Member Satisfaction

1. Create segment lists

Push alerts are like email lists -- you can send out a notification to one member, everyone at one location, your entire member base or anywhere in between. Use this feature strategically to only send alerts to those who need to see them. Members are used to receiving push alerts from other apps, but if yours become annoying they will unsubscribe.

2. Fill up your classes

You can use geotargeting features to send sales messages to just the members that are currently inside of your club. This unlocks many impulse purchases for these members. You’ve probably issued a discount for a class before. How many members redeemed it? Now imagine: “40% off Yoga class - 2 seats left, starting in 10 minutes” sent out to only the members who were already at your club. Sending the right message at the right time will efficiently fill up class and training slots that were previously empty.

3. Send important club updates before they leave their house

Members will appreciate it when you send them important club updates right to their smartphone screens. For example, if club hours suddenly change, a class is cancelled or the club is closed due to a snowstorm, your members would normally not find out until they arrive, which is an understandably frustrating situation. Delivering the message as a push notification avoids this situation completely. Members will appreciate being notified before they leave the house.

How do I get started?

Push notification functionality is built into the Netpulse mobile platform.

See more ways push notifications can help your club in The Ultimate Guide to Push Notifications:


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