3 Questions About Push Notifications You Need Answered

shutterstock_290096534.jpgWhat if a single 200 character message could make your club almost $10,000 more in annual revenue? With push notifications, it’s possible.

Push notifications are short messages that are delivered to your members' smartphones. The messages flash on the members' home screen if your member is actively using their phone or appear the next time they check their phone.

Push notifications are just gaining popularity in health clubs and gym owners and GM’s understandably have a bunch of questions about it. Here are the three biggest answers about the power of push.

3. What Can Push Do for My Club?

Your club needs push notifications because they are one of the most effective ways to communicate. There are over 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally—that includes your members! Members that opt-in to receiving notifications engage with messages 20 times more often than the average fitness industry email. Emails are easy to ignore or delete, and that’s if they make it past the spam filter to begin with.

Push notifications go straight to your members’ smartphone screens, and since this is the screen they look at the most, they are incredibly difficult to ignore. Segmenting push notifications to specific groups of members enables you to send targeted messages to members who will be interested in what you are offering them.

2. How Should My Club Use Push Notifications?

There are two broad categories of messages: sales messages and club announcements.

Sales Messages: These offer your members a specific product or service, such as personal training sessions, fitness classes, smoothie coupons or club merchandise.

Club Announcement: These can be any non-sales content, often messages that inform your members of important club news and updates. For example, you can send all club members “Due to heavy snowstorms, we are closed today and tomorrow,” or a “Happy Holidays” message.

While there are almost unlimited options for your notifications’ content, you need to be careful. Much like email, sending too many messages will drive members to opt out of push notifications. If they do, your club loses the opportunity to take advantage of new revenue streams from sending them notifications about upcoming class openings or merchandise sales. The more members who opt-in to push, the more powerful your app is.

1. What Are Push Notifications Best Practices?

  • Keep your messages as short as possible. Messages have a 200 character limit, so try to keep your notifications around one to two sentences long.
  • Use action verbs and have a clear call-to-action for your members, especially in your sales messages. Give them a clear, powerful incentive to engage with your message. For example, “50% off Yoga class at 4PM today” is more effective than “Classes discounted today.” Messages also link to your app, so when members click on the notification, it brings them directly to the proper app screen. This makes it easy for the members, and more importantly, makes it easy for them to pay you!
  • Your club should be a community, and the tone you use in messages should reinforce your community’s vibe. Especially in club announcement messages, you can use smileys :), rhymes, or other engaging language. Not sounding “too corporate” will make your members more welcoming to your notifications. Communicate with your members like they are part of a community, not just a revenue stream.

There's probably more than 3 questions you have about push notifications. Want to know the rest of the answers you'll need? Then check out our Ultimate Guide to Push Notifications.push-notifications-header

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