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3 Reasons to Integrate Nutrition Tracking Technology at Your Club

shutterstock_217190548_1.jpgThe average gym member of today is more tech savvy than they were just five or 10 years ago. As a result, they expect your club to be too. Though wearables are officially mainstream, the field of nutrition tracking apps on the market is less robust. Integrating nutrition tracking into your club can give your gym the competitive edge over your competitors, while also creating new avenues to increase revenue.

Still not convinced about the power of nutrition tracking? Then check out these three reasons you need it at your health club.

3. Modernize Your Club

Nobody today wants to feel like they’re paying for a service that feels technologically inept. By incorporating a high-tech nutrition tracking platform into your club, members are going to have a much more enjoyable experience engaging with your club. Vitabot is one available solution. Not only does Vitabot integrate with your club’s mobile app, but it uses advanced artificial intelligence to create the most personalized and robust dietary plans for your members as possible. While other nutrition tracking apps count only calories, Vitabot uses an algorithm to seamlessly organize suggested meals by their micronutrient levels as opposed to just calories.

By applying research and technology in a way that has no human bias and complete focus on helping the member reach their goals, a platform like Vitabot is exactly what your club needs in the era of big data and technology.

2. Enhance Your Personal Training

Other than monthly membership dues, personal training is the biggest revenue driver for most clubs around the world. In the United States almost 20% of all gym members use personal training. So what if there was a way you could not only enhance your personal training for existing clients, but also make it more attractive for potential ones? Well with nutrition tracking there is.

Vitabot, a nutrition tracking app being used in clubs everywhere, is one of the best examples of how a nutrition tracking app can enhance personal training. Developed based on technology used by NASA and the United States Military, Vitabot was created to help those in the training community better utilize nutrition planning in their programs.


Mike Graves, Director of Training at Vitabot, says that prior to Vitabot health clubs were uncomfortable with the liability associated with personal trainers giving advice on nutrition plans for members if they weren’t also licensed nutritionists. By using advanced technology to apply peer-reviewed scientific research without human bias, Vitabot provides a consistent best-practice compliant solution. This allows trainers to focus on training and growing their clientele, while providing members and clients with a best-in-class tool that doesn’t just help them count calories, but also creates a balanced diet based on the micronutrient levels of different foods.

“Membership gyms are using Vitabot as a way to sell more personal training. It’s an added value as a platform for the trainers to monitor their clients and give better value in personal training by providing members with this nutrition platform through the club’s mobile app.”  - Mike Graves

1. Increase Member Engagement

Member engagement is undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges that health clubs face. According to IHRSA, members failing to feel engaged with their health club is the second most popular reason they end up cancelling their memberships. Nutrition trackers like Vitabot can help your members immediately feel more engaged because the apps are a tangible representation of their fitness goals.

When potential members come in for club tours, Graves says that he suggests that clubs also introduce them to Vitabot and then work with them to arrange an assessment with a personal trainer to help them get set up. By coupling Vitabot with a club’s existing PT services Graves says that clubs have seen more members interested in PT, resulting in more members buying PT packages and increased member retention rates.

Vitabot is one of the most advanced nutrition trackers on the market, making use of sophisticated technologies to help clubs increase member engagement and drive revenue. You can find Vitabot on the web at www.vitabot.comMike Graves can be reached via email at

Nutrition tracking apps are just one of the many tech innovations your clubs is going to need to be comptetitive in the future. To see the rest, check out our guide 10 Tech Trends in 2016.


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