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3 Reasons Your Club Should Invest in a Group Heart Rate Monitoring System

FPC_2-c_1.pngUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve probably noticed the recent rise of wearables. You’re likely already familiar with personal tracking devices like Fitbit or apps like Apple Health, but there’s another category of fitness tracker that you may not be as familiar with—the group heart rate monitoring system.

Designed for class settings, these platforms automatically capture all of your member’s fitness metrics including heart rate, calories burned and more. The stats are displayed on a real-time leaderboard at the front of the class. Members can also view their results afterwards and monitor their improvement over time without having to laboriously enter the stats themselves.

Upgrading to a platform like this is an investment, but the potential payoff in member engagement, loyalty and fitness results are more than worth it. These are the top 3 reasons your club needs to invest in a group heart rate monitoring system.

1. Increase your member’s fitness results with a group display

Introducing a live group display changes how members act in a group fitness class. With a group heart rate display, members are able to track their calorie burn, average heart rate and effort in real-time during the class. Instructors can combine their fitness expertise with the data to push members to their peak performance. Members can track all of their progress online and compete in studio-wide fitness challenges.


An example of Performance IQ's custom class leaderboards. 

One group heart rate monitoring company is Performance IQ. Performance IQ’s heart rate monitoring system can record and display performance stats in any group fitness environment. Their performance dashboard that displays calories burned, heart rates and more can be customized to match your club’s brand and needs. Installing a system in your club isn’t a hassle. It has a simple initial setup and adding new devices is an easy one-time process. It’s even easier for your members, who are automatically sent emails after each workout with their performance results so they can track their fitness progress as they work towards achieving their goals.

One member who lost 30 pounds after being convinced by a friend to try a Performance-IQ equipped cycling studio shared, “It completely changed the way I think about fitness. The classes have kept my weight off like nothing else has and has gotten me into the best shape of my life.” 

2. Revolutionize your member engagement

It’s not just the members who are seeing improved results—clubs that invest in club fitness tracking platforms are seeing increased member engagement as well. The friendly competition that leaderboard stat tracking creates results in a massive boost to member retention and loyalty, as well as a strong club community.

“Clubs that have installed Performance IQ are seeing more engagement in all directions from their members,” PIQ founder Tae Yoo said. “Members are talking to other members more about their workout results, class attendance is up as members don’t want to miss out on a chance to compete and see their names rise the up the leaderboard, and members are talking with their instructors more about their metrics and how they can improve.”

3. You can be the center of their digital fitness world

Some of your plugged-in members are using many different apps to track their fitness progress. For example, one member could be using Fitbit to track their workouts, MyFitnessPal to track their diet, your app to check their club account information and Nike+ for looking up new workout routines.

Your own data tracking platform offers your club the chance to be the only app your members use. For example, Performance IQ automatically uploads members’ workout data to Netpulse club mobile apps. Instead of using 4 or more apps, members can simply use your app to sign into their club, view their account information and track their workouts in one convenient place. Your club can become the epicenter of their fitness world and the one-stop-shop app solution that your members are looking for.

Check out Performance IQ’s website if you’re interested in seeing what their system can do for your club.

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