3 Tips for Maximizing Your Club's Blog Marketing Power


The old thinking in marketing is to blast your message out to as many people as possible -- whether they want to hear it or not. The goal of smart digital marketing is to bring interested people to you. Drawing prospects in with relevant and informative content will create more customers and brand loyalty than purchasing another billboard or direct mail campaign. Your blog’s content can attract people who would have otherwise never heard of your club.

Your blog should be a section of your website that houses your content pieces. These can be anything from articles to videos to infographics. Whereas the point of your website is to get visitors to purchase a membership or sign up for a class, the point of your blog is to keep visitors informed, entertained and engaged. This gives you an ongoing opportunity to sell your club to an engaged audience.

Best Practices

1. Create Compelling Content

With content, instead of constantly trying to reach out to people, prospects will come to you for your expertise. While there is no surefire way to go viral, creating informative content, such as workout how-tos, healthy recipe collections or new the latest fitness research, will help bring the views in. While you can use your blog to talk up your brand, informational, useful and fun content is way more likely to be shared online.

2. Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Professional fitness blogs may have multiple posts go up every day. This is not necessary for your marketing purposes. One to two posts a week should be more than enough to keep your readers engaged. The secret is to be consistent so your readers know what to expect. Smartly distributing your content on social media and other digital channels will increase engagement more efficiently than cranking out 5 posts a week.

3. Tell your Members' Stories:

There’s one topic your members are guaranteed to be interested in: themselves. Tap into your membership base to find success stories, like training for a marathon or losing a lot of weight. Your club’s personal trainers are also a great source of fitness stories and information. If you write about your members, not only are they much more likely to read your content, but they will also share it online with their friends and family, increasing your club’s reach.

How to get started? is one of the most powerful blog creating tools, but does require you to pay your own website hosting fees. You can cheaply add a blog section to your regular website. is less customizable, but it is free to use.

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