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3 Tips to Increase Mobile Referrals

mobilereferrals (1).pngIn the old days, members had to fill out reams of paperwork to refer a friend. Now they can seamlessly use your club’s mobile app to make referrals. All they have to do is tap on their friends contact in their smartphone and your app takes care of the rest by sending an automated text message with a link to download your app. Once they’ve downloaded the app, the the prospect can sign in and seamlessly visit your club with a mobile guest pass.

The ease and return on investment of a mobile referral program is game changing. Instead of having to dig out tons of contact information and fill out arduous paperwork, members can refer their friends and family in just a few seconds from anywhere. Stated simply -- a seamless referral program means more referrals for your club.

3 Tips to Supercharge Referrals

1. Synergize Your Rewards

If your club is also running a mobile rewards program, have a referral be worth a huge chunk of reward points. This way members are constantly incentivized to be referring.

2. Link your MMS

Once you’re collecting referrals digitally, it’s important to have a centralized place to keep track of them. Your club’s mobile app will automatically log your new referrals to your member management system to track leads, organizes sales reps and easily schedule follow ups.

3. Push Them Towards You

Those who are referred should receive automated push notifications to guide them through the conversion process. Little reminders like “Use your mobile guest pass to come check in!” greatly reduce the number of prospects who drop out during the trial.

How does my club get started?

Mobile referral functionality is built into Netpulse’s mobile platform.

Interested in getting mobile referrals at your club? Read the "Build or Buy" guide to determine what app option is right for you: 


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