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3 Ways a Mobile App Can Make Your Club An Innovative Industry Leader

shutterstock_384557350.jpgToday we have apps for nearly anything, and the trend is only going to keep growing. Within minutes, you can hire a dog walker, a dry cleaner or a grocery deliverer all through mobile apps. Just like apps are becoming the new normal for everyday tasks like dog walking, a club mobile app is becoming the new normal for gyms around the world.

However, though many clubs still don’t have a mobile app, getting one now gives your club a unique opportunity to not only ride the mobile app wave, but also stay ahead of your competitors and provide members with an enhanced club experience.

Here are 3 ways that a mobile app can make your club an innovative industry leader.

1. Make the gym experience more convenient

A mobile app contributes to a member’s overall experience simply because it makes going to the gym more convenient. With any product or service, convenience is an essential factor to a consumer’s experience. A mobile app for your club gives members the ability to check into the gym directly from their device, or book personal training sessions or group classes within a few taps.

The convenience of knowing what classes are available throughout the day will help keep your members engaged because they will be able to better plan around coming into your gym and experiencing what it has to offer. Creating a more convenient gym experience sets your club apart from competition, positions your club as an industry leader and will result in more members choosing to remain with your club.

2. Provide new channels to drive more revenue

With a mobile app, members are able to book classes or PT lessons right from their smartphone and at any time. This flexibility allows busy members to sign up for more PT lessons, or buy another pack of classes because they don’t have to go into the gym during normal business hours to do so.

Having the power to book services right from their smartphone provides for a seamless purchasing experience, and members will appreciate how easy it is to do so. With a mobile app club owners also have the power to send push notification messages directly to members. These push notifications can be announcements of flash sales, coupons, or discounts, and can drive revenue even more by inspiring members to make purchase they otherwise wouldn’t have considered making. A member who is on the edge about booking another class may be more inclined to do so if they receive a 15% off discount via their smartphone!

3. Integrate your members’ favorite workout apps and information

Fitness apps have become a huge digital trend over the past couple years, resulting in over 60,000 health and fitness apps on the market today. In addition, one in six consumers currently own and use wearable tech. With the wearable technology market expected to top $31 billion by 2020, it’s clear that more and more people are looking for devices to help them log their workout data.

With a mobile app, your club members would be able to integrate their wearable technology and workout tracking apps directly with your club’s app. All of a member’s workout information would be logged into one spot, resulting in a seamless user experience. In addition, these health and fitness app integrations will increase the use of your app by your members. The more a member uses your club’s app, the more they interact with your club, associate your club with their fitness success, and are opportunities for selling more products and services.

A club mobile app will ensure that your gym is more technologically savvy and forward thinking than your competitors. By providing your members with convinient features like mobile check in and unique perks like fitness challenges tracks through their wearables, they'll start looking forward to wanting to engage with your club. And more member engagement means more profit for your club.

Wearables are the future. Get prepared for the ones you might see in your club with our Ultimate Guide to Wearables 2.0.

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