3 Ways an App is Key to Your Gym's Marketing Strategy

shutterstock_256224052.jpgAt this point you probably know how important mobile apps are to all of us. In fact, 85% of all smartphone usage time is spent using mobile apps. But did you know that a mobile app is also key to your gym acquiring new members and keeping them engaged?

A mobile app is key to your gym’s marketing strategy because it not only allows you to reach out to potential members through previously inaccessible channels, it also gives your club the chance to position itself as a technological leader in the fitness industry. With technology becoming almost an implied part of fitness to millions of club members around the world, nothing is more important in trying to appeal to them in the modern age than a mobile app.

Here are three ways a mobile app can help your gym’s marketing strategy.

1. Member acquisition

With a mobile app, acquiring new leads for your club has never been easier. Using a club mobile app’s member acquisition tools, your existing members can send a personalized text message to anyone in their contacts list, offering them a chance to try out your club. The lead can then download your app, activate the guest pass and try out your club without having to talk to anyone on the phone.

By having such a seamless process of getting potential members in your club, a mobile app bolsters your marketing strategy because it turns a previously cumbersome process into an enjoyable one.

2. Fitness challenges

The ability to create fitness challenges also gives your club an opportunity to upgrade your gym marketing strategy. Fitness challenges are club-wide competitions that can be based on things like calories burned or miles ran, that serve as a great member engagement tool and a great perk for potential members. Fitness challenges can also position your gym as a place that is invested in the growth of its members, a great value-prop for members struggling to decide between multiple clubs.

As fitness challenges are also one of the best member engagement tools a mobile app has to offer, your club is also increasing your members’ potential LTV (Life Time Value) by offering them incentives to remain engaged with your club for longer. If your club has cool rewards for the winning challenge members like a FitBit or a group class or PT package, the allure of challenges could be too much for your potential members to pass up.

3. Integrations with fitness technology

Perhaps the most important way a mobile app can help bolster your gym’s marketing strategy is that it can integrate with the fitness technologies your members are already using. Over 20% of American citizens currently own a wearable device, and almost 50% say they are interested in buying one. Offering a mobile app that integrates with the data tracking features of these devices is a major key in securing members over your competitors.

Integrations with fitness technologies give your members the opportunity to track their workouts in real-time, and visualize their progress over time with the data provided. Though having to integrate with wearables wasn’t a priority for gyms just a few years ago, without the ability to do so today your marketing strategy might crash and burn.

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