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3 Ways Content Can Help Your Club Drive Revenue


Traditional marketing tactics just don’t work the same anymore. Direct mailers and billboards simply aren’t as effective as they used to be, because the way people consume information today is drastically different than it was even ten years ago.

So what’s the next key to your club’s marketing success?


As we move through the digital era, a robust content strategy is going to be one of the most effective ways for your club to acquire new members and drive revenue. It isn’t a strategy that’s likely going to yield results right away but if your club stays committed to a content strategy, it’ll certainly reap the long term rewards.

Here are three ways that a content strategy can help you club.

1. Content Drives Traffic to Your Site

Everybody want’s more visitors to their website, and content is one of the easiest ways to help make it happen. Typically, there are only a few ways for someone to come across your website if you aren’t regularly posting content. They can either search directly for your club on Google, or your club could pay for traffic by placing ads all over the internet. However neither of those are sustainable. If a person is already Googling your club, odds are they already know who you are and aren’t bringing you any additional traffic. Paid ads are quite expensive and the traffic you get from them is directly related to the amount of money you put in.

This is exactly why content posts are so valuable. Every time you write a post it’s one more indexed page on your website, meaning that it’s another opportunity for your club to show up in search engine results and drive traffic to your site. With content visitors can find your website by searching your blog posts topic, instead of having to specifically search for your club’s name.

Your club's website could get results just like this.


Content is also key because it can help your club get discovered via social media, which are some of the most trafficked sites on the entire internet. Writing a blog post then sharing it to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin can expose your club to a new audience that you didn’t even know was interested.

2. Content Helps Turn Visitors Into Leads

Now that your club’s website has all of these new visitors, the next step is to try and turn them into members. In the same way that every blog post is another opportunity to show up on search engine results, each content piece is another opportunity to generate new leads for your club.

All you have to do is add a lead generating call-to-action button to the bottom of every blog post. These call-to-actions are meant to offer your visitor something they’d be interested in, so depending on your club’s target audience, the CTA buttons may vary. For your club, these CTA’s can lead to things like free guest passes, personal training consultations or even group class discounts. Not every reader will become a lead, but over time you’ll notice how many of your new members first got interested in your club through your content.

3. Content Helps Establish Authority

If a reader comes across one of your blog posts, it’s likely because they had a question they wanted answered. If your blog post sufficiently answers their question or helps point them in the right direction, then that reader might actively seek out your blog next time they have a similar type of question. If your blog consistently creates content that’s helpful for your target audience then it’ll quickly be seen as an authority in their eyes.

Authority isn’t something that can be easily measured quantitatively, but it’s still something that matters. It means that readers will associate your brand with knowledge and professionalism. While not every reader will turn into a new member, your content can earn a much more powerful currency from your readers--trust. If your prospects and member see your free blog as trustworthy and authoritative, they are much more likely to see your paid PT and class services as authoritative.

Currently, social networking represents almost 33% of all time spent on the Internet and is used by more than 75% of all Internet users. Is your club capitalizing on that? If not, check out our10 Tech Trends in 2016guide to learn how it's possible to.10-tech-trends-cta

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