3 Ways Push Notifications Can Improve Your Gym Marketing

shutterstock_317543747.jpgWhat if a single message sent to a member’s smartphone could help your club sell dozens of personal training packages or bring in thousands of extra dollars in annual revenue? With the power of push notifications, all these things are possible.

Push notifications are short messages that flash on members’ phones just like a text message and can be used to send your members alerts of various things like unplanned cancellations or discounted group class sessions.

Not sure how these messages can help improve your gym’s marketing strategy? Then keep reading.

1. More Effective Communication

Push notifications are one of the most effective ways to communicate, especially in our increasingly mobile world. With almost 3 billion worldwide smartphone users, push notifications give you a level of access into members’ lives that emails or direct mailers don’t. Members that opt-in to receiving push notifications engage with your club’s push messages 20 times more often than your emails or direct mailers.

Since push notifications go directly to members’ smartphone screens and members typically have their eyes glued to their smartphone screens anyway, they’re difficult to ignore.

2. More Targeted Messages

Because push notifications go directly to members’ smartphones, your club can also take advantage of their smartphone’s location capabilities by targeting messages to members based on whether or not they’re in your club.

For example, with push notifications your club can send a message saying “20% off our group training class in 10 minutes” to only members that are currently signed into your club. By using targeted messages to market your gym's services specifically to the members to whom they’ll be most relevant, your push notifications will be treated less like a nuisance and more like an enhancement to your members’ club experience.

3. Increased Member Happiness

Studies have shown that consumers are 92% more likely to trust a recommendation about a brand or service if it comes from a friend or family member. Useful and thoughtful push notifications can be a big reason why people choose to recommend your club to their friends. If your club sends multiple annoying push notifications to members daily, they’ll probably get annoyed and eventually want to stop engaging with your brand, making for a poor gym marketing strategy.

But if your club strategically sends out push notifications about things like unexpected closures, class schedule changes or new discounts, then members are more likely to want to continue engaging with your brand and as a result feel more comfortable recommending it to others. Members appreciate brands that make an effort to keep them in the loop, and push notifications are one of the easiest ways to make that happen.

There's way more than three ways that push notifications can help supercharge your gym marketing plan. Want to learn the rest? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Push Notifications.push-notifications-header

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