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3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Member Satisfaction

shutterstock_218622700_1.jpgAs businesses adapt to the 21st century and focus their marketing efforts on reaching customers on the Internet, it’s become difficult for companies to find ways to engage users amidst the advertising overload. Customers have also become more aware of the breadth of choices available to them, which has led to a sharp decline in brand loyalty in recent years. With social media usage among 30-49 year olds jumping by 69 percent in the last ten years, the need for health clubs to find ways to leverage the mediums available has never been greater.

To solve the perpetual issue of member retention, health clubs should consider using social media to improve member satisfaction, instead of solely for advertising. Doing so helps differentiate your marketing from competitors’, enhances your brand and most importantly helps drive revenue by both holding on to current members and increasing the odds that they recommend your club to their friends.

Don’t believe it?

Well, in a study done by the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, 56% of the customers surveyed said that they’d recommend a company to a friend if they felt it had a satisfaction rating of at least 9 out of 10, compared to just 29% for those who gave a company a rating between 7 and 7.9 out of 10.

So how do you start?

1. Celebrate Your Members

For most, using social media is a highly personal experience. Users can choose to follow certain people, companies or news outlets to ensure that they only receive content they’ll enjoy. This means that you need to make your social media feed something worth seeing.

One easy way to do so is to give your members positive attention. Not only does this highlight your members, but it also helps humanize what you’re offering to the world.

Here are a few post ideas for social media:

  • You could create a “Member of the Month” award, decided by how many times a member came to work out and share their photo on your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • You can have your trainers take a group selfie after classes, then post the photo on your social media feeds as a way to give your members props for working hard.
  • You could also post videos of some of the best workout routines you notice in your club on a weekly basis and challenge other members to post videos of their own.

The possibilities are endless, but if your club takes the extra time to show your members some appreciation, it’ll get reciprocated tenfold.

2. Foster Social Interactions

Your club should also place a focus on making sure your social media feeds inspire interaction between the club and the members. This helps them feel like they’re a part of a larger community. Making your feeds interactive helps your members feel more valued and creates the perception that they’re a part of the brand you’re trying to build.

If you’re thinking of adding a new class or ordering new equipment, why not post a poll on your feeds and allow your members to give feedback? If you notice a question posted on your Facebook page, why not give a thoughtful answer, instead of ignoring it or posting a cookie cutter response?

Giving your members the chance to interact over social media with your brand benefits both parties in the long run, so make sure that it’s part of your social media strategy.

3. Respect the Platform

Most importantly, make sure that you respect the social media platform by not just using it as just another way to sell things to your members. Remember, people go on social media to make a human connection, not to get sold to. This doesn’t mean your club has to avoid all sales messaging or revenue driving campaigns. However, when a member chooses to like or follow your club on social media, it means that their relationship with your club is important enough to them that they’re willing to make it a part of their life, even when they’re not physically there.

What this means is that you should remain engaging, entertaining and relevant, and not come across as insincere or opportunistic. If you do that, as well as follow the other steps, your club will definitely reap the rewards.

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