3 Ways Social Media is Key to Your Gym's Marketing Strategy

shutterstock_374188966.jpgIt’s now easier than ever before to get your club’s brand in front of the eyes of millions. How? Through the power of social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have redefined how people around the world communicate and as a result have also redefined how businesses need to market themselves. In 2016, almost 80% of Americans have a social media account, and within three years there are expected to be as many as 3 billion social media users worldwide.

Taking advantage of these networks are going to be key in helping your club reach the next level. Not sure of the value of social? Then keep reading.

1. Learn About Your Customers

Any successful business has a good understanding of their audience. If you’re a CrossFit box, your audience is likely full of hardcore fitness junkies. If you’re a low-cost, high-value club like Planet Fitness, you probably understand that your audience is full of the exact opposite. Social media allows you to not only interact with your target audience outside of the actual gym, but it also gives you a unique opportunity to learn about things like their motivations for working out, what they expect from a gym and even what issues they have with your club specifically.

Your club can post polls to see what new features your members are most interested in, have a customer support forum on your social channels to help members solve problems, and even engage with your customers in the comments sections of your posts to ask questions or provide some workout tips.

2. Reach New Audiences Around the World

Social media gives your club the chance to interact with your defined target audience, but it also gives your club the opportunity to seek out a completely new audience and interact with them as well. By taking advantage of trending topics or using hashtags, your club can put itself in front of the eyes of potential members that you’d otherwise have no access to.

For example, if your club is looking to advertise its personal training program you could do a Twitter search of #PersonalTraining to see what people are tweeting about. You can then use that as an opportunity to engage with the people tweeting about personal training and talk about what your club has to offer. By using social media to reach a wider audience range around the globe you can see increased web traffic, higher conversion rates and overall more excitement around your gym’s brand than ever before.

3. Establish Your Club as an Industry Thought Leader

Does your club have the potential to become an industry thought leader? With social media it’s possible. A thought leader is an individual or organization whose views on a subject are seen as influential and by using social media you can easily position your club to be perceived that way. Your club can use video channels like Instagram and Youtube to regularly share instructional workout videos that will engage your members and help expand the audience you reach.

You can use blogging channels like Medium to write helpful articles for your member base that can then be shared across Facebook and Twitter. You can even host “Ask Me Anything” sessions on a channel like Reddit that your club can use to further bolster its reputation as an industry leader. The possibilities are endless, and if done right, your club can come out on top of all the rest as the expert on fitness.

Social media is guaranteed to supercharge your gym's marketing strategy. Learn how to use the platforms available in our Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Health Clubs.


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