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3 Ways to Engage More Members with Mobile Rewards

mobilerewards_1.pngMany clubs run already run rewards programs. But these programs are often still run with pen and paper, with club staff having to manually record everything, or through clunky third party websites. Reward programs should support desirable real world behaviors, drive digital engagement and incentivize key conversions. Mobile is ideal for a successful rewards program because it has the ability augment real world behaviors and induce behavior change. For example, when you reward members for checking-in, you’re incentivizing them to go to the club, which increases retention and keeps members who would have otherwise quit coming back to your club. 

Not only does it keep members engaged with your club, it can also drive digital engagement with the rest of your marketing tools. Your rewards program will have members reading and clicking your emails, responding to your push notifications and constantly using your mobile app. This means that your mobile rewards program will not only increase engagement by itself, but it will simultaneously be making all your other digital channels more successful as well.

3 Tips to Engage More Members

1. Reward Referrals

A steady stream of referrals is the lifeblood of any club. You should assign lots of rewards value to successful member referrals to incentivize members to always be thinking about who they can get to join. If you have a mobile referrals feature this whole process takes just a few taps for members and can result in a constant flow of new prospects for you.

2. Don't Be Stingy

It may seem like handing out prizes and rewards would get expensive. But unless you are offering all-expenses-paid vacations to Hawaii, your club should see a positive return on investment from a rewards program. For example, let’s say you are offering a $400 iPad as a reward for the member who earns the most points during a referral contest. If you get 5 new members from the contest, you are making a lot more money than the iPad cost. The increased engagement and new members you get from a rewards program will far outweigh the cost of extra smoothies or a free class session.

3. Keep it All Together

There are digital reward companies that “bolt-on” to your existing club infrastructure. You should look for digital rewards programs that are fully integrated with your club mobile app. In the digital age, people don’t like to jump through hoops. Just having to remember another password for a third party website will stop some members from using your rewards program.

How do I get started?

Mobile rewards are built into the Netpulse platform.

This post is part of a 12-part series about Digital Marketing for Health Clubs. Check out the other posts in the series below. This table of contents will be updated weekly as new posts are published. 

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