3 Ways to Improve Your Classic Marketing Tactics

dmgstl (1).pngClassic tactics such as direct mail, cold calls, TV ads and signage have been the backbone of club’s marketing efforts for decades. These non-digital tools still have purpose today, but to get the most out of these tactics you should try applying digital concepts to them. If you can answer these questions about each of your tactics, your marketing effectiveness will likely improve. Here are the three questions to consider:

1. Can you measure the results?

Digital marketing tactics are usually measurable. With traditional tactics, if you run a new radio advertisement and the next day four strangers walk sign up for memberships, then you may think that the radio ad was effective. But you likely weren’t just running a radio ad. You probably had billboards, signage, direct mail, email campaigns and referral campaigns all working at the same time. Which of these tactics can you attribute the new sales? When using non-digital marketing tactics try to determine ahead of time what metrics you will measure, and how you will isolate the effects of one marketing tactic from another.

2. Can you test their effectiveness?

Digital marketing tools are often testable. Much like testing your email campaigns, you can try out many different social media ads to determine which copy and picture combo is the most successful. While it’s difficult with some traditional tactics such as TV ads, for tools such as local signage or emails try two different versions of the same message at the same time, and see which one is more effective. Learning lessons from these tests will make future advertising efforts much more efficient.

3. Can you measure the return on investment?

Since digital marketing tactics are easily measurable, it’s easy to calculate campaign ROIs. However, with traditional tactics, calculating ROI can be more difficult. It’s tempting to spend a lot of money on a giant billboard, especially when your competitor down the street just did the same. But what do you actually get in return for your big investment? If you can’t measure exactly how many new members just that billboard brought in and can’t compare one billboard’s effectiveness to another, it’s impossible to tell if your big purchase paid off or not. Some marketing tools are effective even though you can’t measure their ROI, but it’s a much tougher sell when more measurable options are much more available.

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