3 Ways to Utilize Your Brand Identity

shutterstock_285974414.jpgWhat good is designing a great brand identity, if your club doesn’t use it correctly? Once you’ve identified how you want your club to be perceived by your members, the next step is ensuring that your members actually do view your club in that desired manner.

Here’s how you can help make that happen.

In the Club

Your branding (logo, colors, etc.) should permeate throughout your club. If your main brand color is yellow, then paint the walls yellow. Make it so members are constantly thinking about your brand when they are at the club. This helps to elicit the feelings you intended and establishes brand loyalty. As a member sees your brand more and more, assuming they continue to have positive experiences at your club, they build trust. Trust keeps members retained and engaged.

Website and Mobile App


Your brand must stay consistent on every medium that members may interact with it. This includes the real world (i.e. the club’s walls) and also the digital world (i.e. your website). Apps are increasingly becoming the primary digital interaction that members have with a health club. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to have your app branded with your club’s logo and colors. This way, when members are interacting with your club from their smartphone, the experience is as consistent as if they were inside the club at that very moment.



When members’ develop loyalty to your brand, they will want to show it off. This is precisely what will drive sales of club merchandise, like shirts and hats. If you put the effort in to build a recognizable, relatable brand, members will spend more on merchandise and have more loyalty to your club.

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