4 Reasons Traditional Marketing Tactics are Outdated

brokentv_1.jpgClub marketing tactics haven’t really changed in decades. Many health clubs “stick with what they know” and spend a vast portion of their marketing budget on signage, billboards, or radio and television advertisements. While those methods worked for a long time, they become less effective every year. Here are 4 reasons why your club’s traditional marketing tactics are outdated:

1. Members aren't looking at them

Americans now spend on average of 5 hours and 41 minutes a day on some sort of digital device. In contrast, they spend 4 hours and 28 minutes watching TV, 1 hour and 20 minutes listening to the radio and only 26 minutes reading print. This means that prospective club members spend nearly half of their time on digital channels. Why is it then that operators allocate so little of their marketing budgets to reach them where they are?

2. They are resource intensive and inflexible

Traditional advertising methods, such as billboards or TV ads, are extremely costly and often require months of planning and designing. Furthermore, once the campaign is launched, there is little room for experimentation or iteration. What you see at launch is typically what you’re stuck with, even if people don’t respond well to the campaign.


3. They are difficult to test

Just how effective was that billboard of you in a tank top showing off your guns in front of your new club location? Other than time-consuming, expensive and often inaccurate polling methods, there’s no good way to determine the impact of these expensive traditional marketing campaigns.

4. No guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI)

Did that billboard generate more revenue than it cost to put up? Without being able to collect and analyze metrics, there is no way to tell if your new campaign is getting the results you need. It can even be difficult to tell if there are results at all! This is the biggest reason why traditional marketing tactics are outdated: without being able to collect solid data there’s no way to tell if your marketing dollars are generating new members with a high ROI, or if your dollars are being wasted on campaigns that don't deliver. 

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