4 Steps to Improve Your Gym's Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital Marketing Tips (1).pngWe've spent the last twelve weeks writing a series of blog posts about how your club can use digital tools to increase your marketing effectiveness. Now that we've covered all of the tools, this post is supposed to help you get started. There's a lot to take in, especially if you're just starting to use digital marketing tools. These 4 steps to improve your gym's digital marketing tactics will help you properly use these new tools to outrun your competition. 

1. Evaluate your current digital marketing stack

How many digital tools are you currently using? Use the table of contents below for a checklist.  Every club doesn’t have to use every tool, but be honest with yourself. Do you have an effective digital strategy? Which tactic might you want to experiment with this quarter?

2. Begin running your online content machine

You’ll want to get the word out about your exciting new website, app and other features. Start creating content for your blog, flesh out your social media presence and launch a serious campaign to motivate your members to leave reviews on important online directories.

3. Build your digital backbone with a mobile app

None of the Engagement or Attraction Channels can be effective without a solid Digital Presence. You most likely already have a website, but your own club mobile app is the key to unlocking the rest of the engagement and revenue-generating tools.

4. Start driving engagement and revenue with Mobile Rewards and Mobile Referrals

The engagement channel that will see immediate returns for your club is increasing your referral efficiency. Combining a mobile rewards program with new mobile referral technology can help your club see an immediate return on investment as you effectively incentivize referrals while making the process just a few seconds long for members.

Guide to Digital Marketing Table of Contents:

Reach your members on their smartphones using the Mobile Marketing Manifesto:


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