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5 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Improve Your Locker Room

locker_room-1200x700.jpgOne of the top ways for gyms to stay competitive in the fitness industry is to make sure that they have a great locker room. A clean, comfortable locker room can really create an impression on a prospective member and help them pick a gym to join. Today, many clubs have taken this idea to the next level by following current trends of upgrading their locker rooms into luxurious escapes from working out. Don’t have the budget for a steam room? Here are 5 budget-friendly ideas that can help to give your locker room that luxury feel!

1.Offer Mouthwash and Lotion at Sink Stations

This little touch will go a long way! Members will appreciate the extra amenities, and they will catch the eyes of prospective members touring through your locker room. For extra aesthetics, buy a glass bottle, such as an oil bottle, and fill that with mouthwash. Not only will it be more attractive to look at, but you can also put your club’s logo on it in the form of a sticker or label.

2. Plants

For a homier feel, add a potted plant to a spot in your locker room that is out of the way of direct traffic, but still where people can see it. Locations such as on top of lockers (depending on the style of locker that you have) or sink counter corners are all perfect places for a plant. In addition, not only are plants visually pleasing, but some plants can even improve the air quality of your locker room!

3. Candles or Air Fresheners

Step one is ensuring your locker room does not smell like a locker room. Step two is to make it smell better! Candles will not only help your locker room’s scent, but they will add to your atmosphere by creating a calm space for your members. A diffuser is a good alternative to a candle if you have fire safety concerns. In addition, if your locker room is not meant to imitate a Zen garden, simple air fresheners can do a great job to make your locker room smell nicer and feel cleaner.

4. Provide Snacks or Fruit-Infused Water

Okay, so maybe don’t put a snack station directly into your locker room, but most members will react positively to a post-workout treat. Even if it’s just once a month, a layout of Trail Mix, fruit pieces, or granola bars will make your members feel special. If you have the means, a fruit-infused water station will make your members feel as though they’re at a spa, and will create a tranquil setting at your club that they will never want to leave.

5. Music

What could be more appealing than hearing toilets flush, people talking, lockers slamming and water running? A lot. Having music in your locker room will help to drown out every-day locker room noise, as well as enhance a member’s experience. Music will promote a more relaxed atmosphere and nicer locker room space, leading to more referrals from members to others to join your club!

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