5 Funniest Aerobics Videos on the Internet


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Once upon a time in 1991, being in a history textbook meant something. It signified that humanity collectively decided that you were worth remembering. Then the internet happened. Now we no longer get to choose what gets remembered - the internet records everything, forever. While the fact that my Facebook page is eternal bodes poorly for my future Presidential run, I am thankful for the internet because now America's brief obsession with spandex and group exercise will live on forever too.

Re-live the neon shame of the '80s with the 5 most hilarious aerobics videos on the internet.

1. The Embodiment of the Era

The summation of an entire decade in less than four minutes that inspired generations to come.

2. Face Day

Everyone knows that leg day is important. But what about Face Day? There are 43 muscles in your face, and you have been neglecting all of them. By following this simple workout video, you can whip your smile into shape.

3. Walking your dog is so 2000-and-late

Going on a walk is the best part of your dog's day. How depressing is that! Imagine drinking only water and eating only dry kibble from birth until death. Your dog deserves more stimulation then that. Add a little variety to Fido's life with this delightfully horrifying dog-focused exercise routine! 

4. Back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark

Before he was a movie star, Marky Mark made one of the most inspiring workout videos of all time. With the help of his 'fly sisters' Mark opens up a snapshot into his life, complex emotions and fitness routines. I set the video to start right at the lifting, but his opening words of wisdom should not be missed. Pow! 

5. Crip-Walking Country Style

We all have the friend who says, "I listen to all music, except for rap and country." This video is for the alternate-universe-inverse of that friend: the person who only listens to rap and country.

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