5 Marketing Tips to Fill Your Gym in 2016


Owning a gym can be an extraordinary business venture. You will witness people becoming their best self, see friendships grow and, if you work out a great marketing strategy, you will see your gym thrive for years to come. This being said, you will also see a lot of people who come for one class (never to be seen again), gym equipment that needs constant repair and days where it is dead quiet.

Thankfully, a new year is here, which means there are many people who are looking for the right gym to start this year on a healthier foot. Standing out amid all the competition is about creating a strategy that speaks to the times and is one step ahead of everyone else.

The following five ideas are ways you can take your business strategy to the next level:

1. Find the Face of the Gym

In 2016, people will be listening to other people, not brands or companies; this is why so many brands are turning to bloggers to advertise their products. As a gym owner, why not find a champion among your staff who likes to write and knows how to conquer social media to become the voice of your gym. Have this person write helpful fitness tips on your gym’s blog, then use Instagram, which is one of the biggest social networks at the moment, to create beautiful shots of your champion’s workout sessions, stunning food photography shots with healthy meals your chamption eats and other gym life shots that will make your brand more personable.

2. Write Guest Blog Posts for Other Blogs

If you have professional trainers, why not extend their skills outside of the gym by asking them to write guest posts for websites targeted towards potential members in your geographical location. Writing about exercise trends, new workout wear like the perfect gym leggings for cycling and dieting tips are sure ways to quickly convert many of your customers into readers. Having a biographical note below the writer’s name with a link back to your gym is another great way to promote your business.

3. Be on Trend

With so many workout options available today, your clients can easily work out in the comfort of their own home; so you have to work harder to convince them to come to your gym. Offering classes with currently trending workouts is a great way to give your clients something modern and on point. Whether you’re offering the latest dance GroupX class or boot camp routine, make sure you advertise the new classes by showing your champion participating in one of them (they could even write a post about it!), and on all boards around the gym.

4. Build a Community

It is a no brainer that when a gym a place where a person feels part of something greater, then the client is less likely to quit. Build communities by creating fitness challenges or special events. Outdoor boot camp sessions or Sunday morning hikes where members can bring non-members, such as friends or family, is a great way to spread the word about your business while getting to know your clients on a more personal level.

5. Don’t Slack on the Ambience

The former points are great strategies to increase membership sales, but unless your gym is spotless with a clean, modern ambience, people will move on to a newer gym. Don’t slack on the ambience – make sure the music speaks to your target members and that despite the sweat, there is always a good smell in the showers and changing rooms.

You must work towards ensuring that whoever comes into your gym is impressed by your business.

A yoga and fitness aficionado, Regina empowers women through her writing and fitness tips. If she’s not doing yoga or walking her dog, you can catch her surfing the web for what’s new at The Upside.

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