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5 Huge Mistakes Your Gym Should Avoid


Owning a successful fitness club is more difficult than ever. With low-priced competition expanding every year and members using wearables to workout anywhere they want, it’s harder than ever to stay in business. Whether you’re a new franchisee or a long standing local health club, here are 5 huge mistake you can avoid while running your club:

1. Overloading Equipment

Know your space. More equipment in your gym doesn’t automatically translate into a great member experience. If your workout space is too crowded to a point where members feel cramped while working out, there is little reason for them to keep coming back. The atmosphere inside of your gym is just as important as the equipment you provide.

2. Misguided Marketing Efforts

Marketing can be your biggest ally when trying to grow your gym, but it can also waste key financial resources if it’s not done in the right way. For example, if you just opened up a small boutique gym there’s no reason to order 1000 shirts with your logo on it. It may have always been part of your dream of owning a health club, but the money that went into those shirts could have been used towards a new machine or an advertising campaign that drives new memberships.

3. Being Unaware of Current Trends

Members no longer solely expect treadmills and free weights with their membership. Group exercise classes like barre, zumba and yoga are among the featured perks that members will look for when choosing their new gym. Offering these classes could be the difference between someone signing or choosing the competition over you.

4. Not Embracing Technology

Technology is a must-have for health clubs today. Over 32% of gyms have a mobile app allowing users to track workouts, schedule classes and book personal training sessions. Members can also connect their wearables to your mobile app creating a brand identity for your gym that is with them whenever and wherever they workout. Outside of the club space, using social media to promote yourself is a cheap and effective way to market to new potential clients.

5. Not Knowing Your Competition

If similarly featured gyms around you offer a very low monthly fee, it’s going to be hard to convince members to pay three times that rate to join yours. Likewise, if your competition are all high-priced premium gyms, you could make your monthly rate lower allowing you to retain those price-conscious members. Doing great market research could be the key factor in truly differentiating yourself in an increasingly crowded market.

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