5 Life Changing Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

As club members grow older they often assume that they have to stay away from strength training; however, strength training can be a life changing part of a senior’s fitness program. Strength training has been shown to reduce the symptoms and signs of numerous conditions and diseases, positively impacting your senior members' overall quality of life both inside and outside the club.

Here are the 5 biggest benefits of strength training for seniors:

1. Arthritis Relief

Tufts University conducted a 16 week study with older men and women that suffer from moderate to severe arthritis in their knees. They found that strength training decreased pain by 43%, increased physical performance and improved the symptoms of the disease. It was just as effective, if not more so, as medications.

2. Reduction of Falls

Strength training increases a person’s flexibility and balance, which decreases the likelihood and severity of accidental falls. A study conducted in New Zealand found women of 80 years and older saw a 40% reduction in falls through simple strength and balance training. This type of training prevents potential broken bones and life-threatening accidents.

3. Stronger Bones

As bodies age bone mass inevitably begins to decrease. A study from the Journal of the American Medical Association showed strength training increases bone density and reduces risk of bone fractures among those aged 50-70.

4. Sleep Improvement

There is a direct correlation between exercise and quality of sleep. Those who regularly exercise fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and are awake less during the night. The sleep benefits obtained from exercise are comparable to treatment through medication but without the potential side effects.

5. Healthy Heart Tissue

The risk of heart disease is lower when the body is leaner. The American Heart Association recommends strength training as a way to reduce risk of heart disease and as a therapy for patients in cardiac rehabilitation programs. Strength training builds a stronger, more efficient cardiovascular system.

Excited to start making a big impact in the lives of your wisest members? Offer a group strength training class for seniors and help them stay healthy and live better.

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