5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Gyms

Twitter_pic.jpgTwitter is a microblog used to share short bits of information (under 140 characters). It’s one of the most popular social networks in the world and is the platform that offers you the chance to directly engage with the most members. Whether you are an expert or are logging on for the first time, here are 5 Twitter tips for gyms.

1. Follow your followers

“Followers” are people who are subscribed to your Twitter feed. One of the best ways to get followers is by following them first. Your members won’t feel that it’s creepy—they’ll most likely follow you back. A great engagement tool is asking new members if they have a Twitter handle during the signup process.

2. Know the power of the period

Let’s say you want to reply to a tweet by “GymMember45.” If you click reply, Twitter automatically puts “@GymMember45” at the beginning of your Tweet. If you click send with someone’s username at the beginning of your Tweet, only that user and people who follow both of you will see that Tweet. However, if you put a period in front of the username (.@GymMember45) then everyone who follows you will be able to see that tweet. GymMember45 will still be notified of your Tweet as usual, but strategically putting a period at the front of your Tweets is a way to get things like positive customer satisfaction conversations noticed by more of your members.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are short links to topics. #SuperBowl50 or #IHRSA2016 are examples of hashtags. While they are often based around trending events, they can be about anything. It can feel goofy to put “#Fitness” or “#Gym” in your Tweets, but it really does increase your Tweet’s visibility and potential for engagement. Official Twitter best practices recommend only using 2 hashtags per Tweet. If your club wants to Tweet about a trending event, using the # for the event is how your Tweet will be seen.

4. Post the same thing over and over again

Twitter’s feed is organized chronologically. While you can scroll back and see old Tweets, many Twitter users only look at the most recent tweets and trending events. Unlike Facebook, a user who checks Twitter two hours after your post will likely not see it. A part of Twitter culture is Tweeting the same message periodically throughout the day to maximize views. You can change up the wording, but don’t worry about members getting frustrated by seeing the same message repeatedly.

5. Many ways to engage

There are many ways to effectively use Twitter. Club announcements (“Holiday hours today 6AM-7PM”), promotions (“50% off PT Today”) or links to helpful fitness content are all great ways to engage with your members. But one of the most effective uses of Twitter is customer service. Members frequently use Twitter as a platform to complain about or even directly at their club. If you can respond in a thoughtful, helpful way, it not only makes that member happy, but everyone else who reads that conversation also sees your positive interactions.

For a great example of a health club using Twitter check out Equinox's page.

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