5 Ways to Drive Your Club Mobile App Downloads


Getting your club’s mobile app on the App Store is a big accomplishment, but it’s only half the battle. Now the hard work of convincing your members to download your club mobile app begins. It doesn’t have to be hard though--here are 5 ways to convince members to download your app.

1. Plan ahead

Don’t wait until launch day to start talking to your members about your new mobile app. The more members that download your app on Day 1 the better. Your club should start promoting your mobile app as soon as a launch date is set. Raising awareness and answering questions will help ensure your app has a smooth launch. Planning ahead also allows your club to integrate some of the tips below into your launch day strategy.

2. Tell a story

People don’t connect with statistics or value propositions. They connect to stories and experiences they can relate to. Experts say that promoting your app with member success stories or examples of how members can use the app will leave a more long-lasting impression than a sales pitch. For example,“You can sign in with your smartphone” does not resonate like “Never worry about forgetting your keycard at home again. Use mobile sign-in to sign in anywhere, anytime.”

3. Get the word out

Your app is set to launch in 3 weeks. You’ve prepared customer stories and strategized about what features you want to focus on. So how do you actually get the word out to members? The key to success is finding low-cost ways to directly engage members.

When was the last time you downloaded an app based off of a friend's recommendation? Probably fairly recently. Now try to remember the last time you downloaded an app based off of a subway advertisement or billboard.

While signage is good for raising awareness, it’s not great at driving actions. Putting up signs notifying members of your app around your club is a smart and essential step for promoting your app. But face-to-face interactions will be more effective. Ask your front desk staff and trainers to promote your app to members. They should be asking members to download your app while they are still in the club. Don’t depend on members remembering to download your app when they get home.

4. Run a launch day challenge

Have a launch-day challenge that requires your mobile app to participate. If your prize is awesome, members will be chomping at the bit to download your app and start competing. This is a great way to not only drive downloads, but also introduces members to your app’s features and gets them engaging with your app early.

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5. Free stuff (with a twist)

Offering free stuff has been a marketing strategy since the dawn of man. But instead of giving away t-shirts or discounted membership periods right off of the bat, integrate your offer with your club mobile app. Don’t just hand members a free t-shirt. Instead offer it as a free reward within your app for members who download it in the first week. Much like the fitness challenge strategy, this gets members immediately engaging with your app in a positive way. Having a loyal membership base that is happily using your club’s mobile app is more than worth a few free shirts and stress balls.

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