5 Youtube Marketing Tips for Gyms

Youtubepic_1.jpgEveryone knows Youtube is big. But do you know just how massive Youtube has become? Youtube reaches more 18 to 34 year-olds than any cable network in the US and has over a billion users that watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos everyday.

Despite its massive size Youtube is often left out of gym’s social media strategies. This is a big mistake for your club to make, as just a little effort can result in long-term marketing benefits for your club. These are 5 Youtube marketing tips for gyms.

1. How often should I post?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you can be successful on Youtube without posting very often. A new video once a month is more than sufficient. However, you don’t even necessarily need to consistently post new videos at all. The difference between your club releasing 4 or 6 new videos on Youtube a year likely isn’t going to really move any membership needles.

While a stream of new videos is a nice bonus if you have the budget, the most important thing about your club’s Youtube presence is that you own your brand on the platform. When people search “Your Club Name,” they will see videos with content and messaging that you control, instead of a third party video that could say just about anything. One great set of initial videos can accomplish that.

2. Are there Search Engine Optimization benefits for my club?

Yes. Having a high ranking Youtube video for your club will help drive more web traffic to you, especially if you are a smaller business. Youtube is the second largest search engine (after Google), and it’s 53 times easier to have a high ranking Youtube video than a web page. Google often posts high-ranking Youtube content high on search pages, so the right keywords can significantly boost your web visibility. Here are some great tips on how to research keywords that can boost your video to the top.

3. How do I get people to watch my video?

When your video initially launches you should email it to your members and blast it out on your social media channels, especially Twitter and Facebook. After that most traffic will come from web searchers finding your video on Youtube on their own. The #1 thing you can do to increase these “organic” views (besides having highly-searched keywords in your title) is to have a compelling thumbnail. A thumbnail is a still image that serves as a preview of your video on Youtube or Google. A boring thumbnail will cause people to skip, but an enticing thumbnail will catch the eye of people who weren’t even searching for your video to begin with. This article has good advice on creating compelling thumbnails.

4. What should my video be about?

It can be about anything! Workout how-to’s, club tours and member testimonials are some of the content that performs best for health clubs. Funny skits or holiday videos have also worked well, depending on your club’s brand. As long as your video highlights your club in a positive way, you can’t really go wrong. The most important thing is to be concise. That doesn’t mean you can’t have longer videos, such as a full workout walkthrough, but make sure there is no wasted time on the final cut. A popular Youtube myth is that “you can skip the first ⅓ of any video and not miss anything important.” Make sure your video is the exception. This article covers how leading health clubs are taking advantage of Youtube. 

5. Who should make my video?

Large club chains likely have the budget to hire a third party video production crew. For the rest of us, you can make sufficiently high-quality videos with an iPhone or a basic camera. Your club marketing staff should ensure that whatever you post should fit with your brand, but with a little bit of pre-planning you certainly don’t need to be an experienced director to make a good video. The most important thing is to ensure that your video has quality audio. Nothing is more frustrating for viewers than choppy or inaudible talking in videos. VideoPixie offers professional help with fair pricing--they can assist your club no matter your budget range. 

Want to learn more tips about how to create a powerful Youtube video? Are your Twitter and Instagram pages not driving the traffic you hoped for? Supercharge your social media marketing strategies with The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Health Clubs


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