6 Easy Ways for Your Club to Go Green Tomorrow

going-green-tiny.jpgGoing green is not a passing fad, nor does it have to involve going through a byzantine certification process. Utilizing environmentally friendly practices is not only important to your members, but it will also save your club money. Equinox and The Green Microgym are great examples of clubs that made the investment into going green and are now reaping the rewards.

However, going green doesn’t have to be a major, paradigm-shifting investment for your club. While purchasing new green equipment or switching to greywater are possible avenues for going green, there are many simple, low-cost and quick ways for your club to cut back. Here are easy ways your club can go green tomorrow:

1. Look for Post-consumer waste (PCW)

There are many opportunities to use recycled versions of paper, paper products and packaging at your club. While almost every paper product has a recycling sign somewhere on the box, look for paper that is specifically PCW, as only PCW-designated paper is 100% from previously recycled products. PCW paper production uses up to 45% less energy and creates 50% of the waste of normal paper.

2. Purchase Green Cleaning Supplies

Environmentally friendly cleaning products will keep your gym squeaky clean and fresh while cutting down on the number of synthetic chemicals released into the environment. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even easily mix natural products to create your own cleaning solution.

3. Install Low-flow Faucets

Installing low-flow faucet aerators on your showerheads and sinks can save up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute or several hundred thousand gallons per year.

4. Run Promotions for Green Members

Even if it’s just a discount on energy bars, offering some incentives for those who run, bike or even just carpool to the gym will support and reward your members dedicated to sustainability.

5. Install LED Light Bulbs

Make the switch to compact-fluorescent or LED lights in your club. Although these lights may have a higher up-front purchasing cost than typical fluorescent lights, they will save money over time by using less energy and lasting for longer than standard incandescent bulbs. LED and CFL bulbs can save up to $200 per bulb over time. Use this calculator to see how much money your club can save by switching to LED.

6. Shop Local

If your club has a smoothie or snack bar, try purchasing your products from a local farmer’s market or local producers. Not only will this provide your members with organic, healthier options, but giving back to your local community’s economy helps everyone in the long run.

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