6 Essential Benefits to Look for in a Club Rewards Program

6-tips-club-rewards-program_r1_blog.pngThe rise of digital and mobile technologies demand an upgrade to the way we approach rewards programs in the fitness industry. With so many new high-tech options out there, it’s tough to determine what rewards program is right for your club. What are the features your program needs to engage your members and unlock powerful marketing opportunities?

Here are the 6 essential benefits to look for in a club rewards program.

1. The program is sophisticated and hassle-free

Most rewards programs offer points to incentivize desired member actions, such as checking in or purchasing a drink, but how they do so is a key difference. You could run a rewards program entirely on pencil and paper, but no member would want to go through that hassle. Your next rewards program should be as high-tech as possible to make things easy for your members and staff.

An integrated mobile rewards program is the most sophisticated and hassle-free option. It fully integrates with your club’s existing digital infrastructure, so your staff doesn’t have to learn new systems. The focus is on mobile--your club mobile app automatically tracks and awards points to members, who can claim rewards directly from your app or from other club communication channels. Integrated mobile rewards programs take full advantage of mobile technology and are easy to use for your members and staff.

2. Amplifies the rest of your digital channels

When used properly, a rewards program isn’t just a stand alone tool that operates independently from your other digital initiatives. A smart program purposefully leverages your other digital engagement channels to increase its effectiveness. For example, if you run member email campaigns, than your engagement rate may not be as high as you’d like it to be. Imagine what would happen if your rewards program automatically sent your members emails with point balances, available prizes and the ability to claim rewards directly from the email? Participation in your rewards program and your email engagement rate would skyrocket.

The goal is for your rewards program to work in unison with all your digital initiatives. You don’t want to manage separate experiences for your rewards, website and mobile app. It’ll be confusing for you and, even worse, confusing for your members. An integrated rewards program gives an engagement boost to all of your critical digital channels. In fact, Netpulse customers have in some cases seen their mobile app engagement double after launching their mobile rewards program.

3. Motivate member actions that drive the club’s bottom line

Your rewards program should not only boost engagement, but it should ultimately drive more revenue. With an integrated mobile solution, you can use your rewards program to seamlessly drive one of your club's biggest revenue sources -- member referrals. With mobile rewards, members open your club’s mobile app and click the people they want to refer in their contact list. Points are added to the member’s rewards account automatically. This instant feedback loop incentivizes members to make more referrals for more points.

The app automatically handles the rest by sending the prospect a link to download your app and a mobile guest pass they can use to check-in. The process only takes seconds and it’s effortless for both the member and prospect, which eliminates friction points such as remembering friends’ emails or phone numbers.

Clubs using integrated rewards platforms to incentivize referrals have seen real results, such as 90 app referrals in the first month.

4. Easy for your club and members

With an integrated rewards platform, your staff has only one digital platform to learn, manage and maintain. Instead of having to spend time and money training and troubleshooting your staff on a new system, look for a rewards program that your staff and members can start effectively using immediately.

Integrated mobile solutions make life easy as possible for your members. All they have to do is use your club’s mobile app, and the rewards feature handles the rest. The program automatically tracks their points and sends update emails. Members can claim prizes with just a few taps in the app. Also, integrated platforms quickly get prizes to your members. Because the platform is completely integrated into your club’s existing billing practices, members that can’t pick up their prize from your front desk receive their prize in just two weeks.

5. Enhances your brand

Your rewards program should take advantage of and enhance your brand. With an integrated program, every time a member earns rewards points or checks their progress, it’s through your club’s branded mobile app. They get status update emails directly from your club. When they claim a prize in the app or through an email, they are interacting with your club’s brand. You’ve worked hard to establish your brand and identity, so make sure that rewards are coming from you.

6. Provides insightful analytics

So you’ve chosen a program and it's been live in your club for 3 months. How do you know if it’s actually working? A good rewards program will have a robust analytics dashboard with relevant findings and statistics highlighted for you. Some rewards programs force you to manually calculate what rates your members are claiming shirts versus smoothies. A requirement for you should be a dashboard that clearly shows important metrics and is customizable for your needs. You should be able to pivot and slice data to help you analyze your top locations, earning actions, promoters and prizes.

You’ve invested a lot into your club and its digital infrastructure. A rewards program is fundamental to your mobile and digital strategy. The most effective rewards programs are fully integrated into all of your digital systems to incentivize club-friendly actions, engagement and new revenue. Make sure your next rewards program has all 6 of these essential benefits, so you are employing a fully integrated experience that engages more members and increases revenue.

Want these 6 benefits in action for your club? See a personalized demo of an integrated mobile rewards program that will get your club more referrals: 

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