7 Reasons To Start Bodyweight Training


Bodyweight or functional training is often overlooked by members who assume that the results from these excercises can't compare to those gained from using expensive machines and free weights. However, when properly executed bodyweight training can increase strength, cardiovascular fitness and overall endurance. Furthermore, group exercise classes utilizing bodyweight training are an easy and cost-efficient way to offer a new workout experience for your members.

Here are 7 benefits of offer bodyweight training to members:

1. It's Convenient

Bodyweight training can be done literally anywhere. You can supplement your workout with extra exercises at home, while traveling or even in between sets at the gym.

2. Integrates Cardio With Strength Training

Combining exercises like burpees or lunges with push-ups or sit-ups will increase heart rate to burn calories while also conditioning your muscles.

3. Increases Core Strength

Simple bodyweight movements during exercise will engage your core muscles. Your core is used to stabilize your body when in motion, and by strengthening it, you'll also relieve lower back stress and gain better overall posture.

4. It's Customizable

Bodyweight training doesn't limit you to the range of motion on a specific machine. This allows for countless variations on exercises that keeps workouts fresh and engaging.

5. It's Free

Offering a group exercise class based on bodyweight training doesn't require any equipment in order to be successful; it simply needs enough space. These classes can be done in a studio, a training area or even outdoors.

6. It's Easy

Exercises like push-ups and burpees don't require special training or form, in the same way squats or bench presses do. Practically anyone can participate in a bodyweight routine.

7. It Can Help Prevent Injury

The compound movements in bodyweight training involve multiple muscle groups and joints throughout the body. This not only strengthens the muscles involved, but can also help prevent injuries by enhancing joint functionality.

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