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On the evening of August 25th 2017, Hurricane Harvey reached land in Rockport, TX, a small town just about 3 hours south of Houston. With wind gusts as high as 130 miles per hour and rainfall hitting 50+ inches, Harvey was the nation's first major (Category 3 or stronger) hurricane landfall since Hurricane Wilma struck South Florida in October 2005, an almost 12-year run.

From all of the destruction and turmoil this storm brought to Texas, it also brought with it a sense of unity and togetherness from everyone affected by the storm, both directly and indirectly. With our amazing first responders doing all they could to help those affected, many others took it upon themselves to help out and even bring a sense of normality to the situation.

One of those people was Jared Williams the CEO of Dynamic Fitness and his team in Houston Texas. Dynamic Fitness has been in Houston for 8 years in October, and have become a staple in the community. “We’re a Houston company, we were born and raised here, now is the time for us to step up, and engage in the community, we’re all going through the same thing together.”

Physically, the Dynamic Fitness facilities had very little damage, but because of the severity of the storm, Jared and his team were not able to even go and check on the clubs until Wednesday the 30th.

After a quick walk through of all of the clubs to make sure that everything was safe, working and in order, Dynamic opened their doors that Thursday.

“We had a conference call on Wednesday night, and we wanted to be able to open our doors up to everybody. Members, non-members, out of town, in town, we wanted to make sure we weren’t nickel and diming people with guest fees, we wanted to open our doors to everybody so that they could have a get away place from all this mess.”

Not only did Jared and the Dynamic team open up their doors to the community, but they opened up their Katy location to the First Responders that were there helping out on the front lines. “We had a first responder station, sort of a drop off point for the people they were bringing up, where they had water and supplies all at our location.”

"We’re just trying to be supports for our community. When something like this happens you have two choices, either think about the things you can’t control, or you look for a new positivity in order to build back bigger, better, stronger and move forward.” Dynamic Fitness has definitely chosen the latter, and have even set up an event to help one of their own move after the events.

“We’re doing anything we can do as a team unit to support as Houston licks its wounds and moves forward from this.”

During this time, Jared and his team have utilized the technology at hand to over communicate and keep in touch with as many people as possible. They used the Netpulse app, InTouch, and their social media in order to send out messages to members and employees. “In a time like this, you have to over communicate before people start panicking, whether it be employees, or members, we tried to use every channel of communication in order to update people on our status, our hours, anything we could get out to people in order to ease their stress and keep them updated.”

As Dynamic Fitness and Houston move forward, it is because of people like Jared and the Dynamic team that so many people had a place to go to get away from the stress of the storm. In these trying times, having a place to go to get away from it all is something that many people need, and the Dynamic team did just that. They built a safe haven for those in need and continue to move forward and working to get Houson and everyone back to a sense of normality.

“I just want to thank everybody for their loyalty and support, our team members did a great job during the storm communicating and pushing these alerts out, working together to be able to answer all the people’s questions.” “We wanted to open our doors to anything that anybody needed in these communities.”

From our Netpulse team to the Dynamic Fitness team, thank you for all that you do in your community!

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