Are you successfully promoting your club mobile app to your members?

Helping your members experience your club mobile app at the right time is crucial to the percentage of your members that you can convince to download your app in the early stages of joining.

We believe that every interaction a member has with your club mobile app must be meaningful and relevant. Thousands of locations worldwide leverage club mobile apps powered by Netpulse and based on the evidence of the most successful apps (in terms of total downloads), we’ve identified 4 key touch points when you should absolutely make sure that your members experience your club mobile app.

1. When browsing your website

Having a dedicated landing page for your club mobile app is a great way to showcase the app as the “passport” to your business. The landing page should focus on the extensive range of features available to specific user groups; experienced gym users, beginners, highly engaged members and disengaged members. This makes sure that the app appeals to the widest possible user groups.

2. At the point of sale

People are looking at their mobile phone up to two- hundred times a day. Highlighting the fact that you have a mobile app that saves your members time when booking classes, or lets them give feedback that can be acted on quickly sets you apart from your competition. Give your members the ability to manage their health and fitness right from their smartphone – and ensure they know about it!

3. In your new-member welcome pack/email

The days of a never-ending welcome email that talks about the different products or services that your business offers have disappeared. Welcome packs/emails now need to capture the attention of your members instantly and contain fewer, but more valuable pieces of information. A clear call-to-action to download your club mobile app ensures you capture the data of both prospects and members and it lets them explore your offering in their own time when it suits them.

4. During their first class and/or gym induction

A quick reminder at the begging or end of a class that booking for next week can be achieved instantaneously through your club mobile app is always advised. Present the benefit of not having to wait in a queue at reception – therefore increasing your chances of getting a space for next week. These are all things that your members will want to hear if they've ever had difficulty booking onto a class. Alternatively, you can encourage your staff to promote the app when delivering gym inductions. This is a perfect opportunity to promote the Goal Setting feature and also the benefit of unlocking a prize when participating in fitness challenges.

There are of course hundreds of other ways to ensure you achieve the highest number of downloads for your club mobile app such as;

- In club marketing packs (banners, posters, locker stickers, staff t-shirts etc.)

- Online activity (Social posts, cover photo / call-to-action buttons, promo videos etc.)

- Asking members to refer friends and reward referrals through rewards

We’re inviting you to align your app engagement with some of the most successful applications on the Netpulse platform by utilising the 4 key touch-points that we know drive the biggest success for our customers.

Build a great mobile business and drive additional downloads with your club mobile app today.