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Integral Fitness: Wake Up, Show Up, Grow Up, Clean Up

This week's feature article actually comes from three separate sources:

  • A long blog from American transpersonal psychologist and integral thinker Ken Wilber.
  • An article published a couple of months ago by Club Industry entitled "The Future of Health Clubs May Lie in Lifestyle Coaching." 
  • Some notes that I've accumulated with my own thoughts about what our health club business could be.

First, what is "Integral Fitness?"

Well, it isn't necessarily an "is" - as much as it could be a different way of thinking about our business. Lemme 'splain.

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Industry Trends Guest Post

16 Bold Fitness Industry Predictions for 2016

Several years ago one of our industry magazines asked me for my prognostications for the upcoming year. Hesitantly, I offered some. Fortunately or unfortunately, better than 3/4 of them turned out to actually take place. So, at the ever-present risk of egg on my face, here goes!

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