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FIBO 2016 features 3 conventions in 1: FIBO Expert, FIBO Passion and FIBO Power. The three shows feature 850 exhibitors and 136,000 visitors from April 7-10th in Cologne, Germany. With so much to see and do at FIBO, it's easy to miss out on new and exciting fitness innovations. In case you're not in Germany or spent all your time checking out the FIBO Power bodybuilders, here's a recap of what's happened:

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How We Solved 3 Big Problems for the Fitness Industry at FIBO 2016

Netpulse President John Ford spoke at FIBO 2016 about how new digital strategies can solve the oldest problems in the fitness industry: efficiently identifying and onboarding new members on a large scale. Read more

3 Most Innovative Technologies at #FIBO2016

With almost a dozen different halls and nearly 150,000 visitors at FIBO 2016, you probably won’t have the chance to check out all the amazing products on display. So we went through the list of exhibitors and picked out the three that you absolutely need to check out when you’re in Cologne. Read more

4 Eye Opening Mobile Marketing Trends

By the numbers, there are roughly 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions, compared to a world population of 7 billion. In fact, more people have access to a mobile phone than they do a functional toilet. More and more consumer-facing businesses are ramping up their mobile marketing efforts everyday. Not only are they ramping up their efforts, but they’re also getting excellent results. Let’s explore 4 effective mobile marketing tactics by examining real-life examples and how health clubs can capitalize on their success. Read more


Conference Highlights

What is FIBO: 2016 Convention Preview

April’s annual FIBO convention in Germany is the world’s leading event for the fitness industry. 850 exhibitors and 136,000 visitors will occupy 10 convention halls to display and learn about the latest innovations of the fitness industry from April 7th to 10th.FIBO is so large because it’s actually three shows in one: FIBO Expert, FIBO Passion and FIBO Power. Read more

3 Fitness Technologies that Will Enhance Your Personal Training

The fitness industry is becoming more technologically advanced. Products are rapidly being released that transform members’ fitness experiences. There are wearables that can track your heart rate, virtual reality fitness companies that help transport your workout to a fantasy destination of choice, and even body scanners that can analyze your risk of obesity or heart disease within 30 seconds. So what’s next on the horizon? Gadgets that can help enhance your personal training. Don’t believe us?

Here are three you should keep an eye out for. Read more

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FIBO 2016 was all about how new innovations are changing the fitness industry. See how you can stay ahead of the competition with a personalized club mobile app: 

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