Making the Customer Experience Easier: The Sweat Fitness Success Story

sweat-fitness-np-banners_blog.pngWith eight clubs in and around the city of Philadelphia, Sweat Fitness has been a staple in the City of Brotherly Love since opening for business 20 years ago. Each location has it’s own distinct personality and feel, while also providing valuable amenities such as an indoor track, a swimming pool and body fat analysis.

The club’s marketing director Erin Murphy was a fitness instructor in college and says she jumped on the opportunity to continue working in the fitness industry after graduation. “Working at Sweat Fitness has been an awesome experience,” she says. “I love the work environment and I love how everyone at the gym feels like family.”

“We wanted to make the club experience easier”

As a club that offers 225 different fitness classes such as cycling, martial arts and boxing, Sweat Fitness is always looking for ways to make communication with their members a little easier. Their biggest concern says Erin, was making it simpler for members to reserve a spot in a group class they’re interested in. Prior to their branded mobile app from Netpulse, Erin says that Sweat Fitness leaned heavily on social media and their website to share class schedules. “The app from Netpulse makes it so much easier for our members to get the information they need. With just a few taps they have over 200 options right at their fingertips,” she said.

In addition to the class schedules, Sweat Fitness also uses the app to send out deals, alerts and to set fitness challenges for their members. With the deals feature, Sweat Fitness can send alerts to members’ phones, notifying them of open spots in fitness classes and offering them a discount if they decide to join the class. The deals feature has also incentivized more members to download the app, which means improved member engagement as well a new sales channel. “We wanted to make the club experience easier, and Netpulse has definitely helped us accomplish that goal,” says Erin.

“The app really gives us a more refined view of our club”

With the app from Netpulse, Sweat Fitness is able to focus on what really matters-- their members. After rolling out a robust marketing campaign prior to the app’s release, Erin says that the app has only received positive reviews, and notes that with the member feedback feature, it’s much easier for the club to find ways to improve their members’ workout experience. “The app really gives us a more refined view of our club,” she says. “It’s transformed the way we communicate with our members, sets us apart from our competitors and makes it easier for us to continue to offer so many great programs to our members.”

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