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Ahead of the Curve: The Premier Fitness success story

premier-fit-banner-tiny.pngJennifer Morgan knows good design when she sees it. After earning her bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, she worked as a freelancer for Premier Fitness. Jennifer used to lead classes and do freelance design work for Premier Fitness but eventually joined full time, and is now their Fitness Director.

Premier Fitness, located in Metairie, Louisiana, is a full-service facility with pools, tennis & basketball courts, group classes, and their main location has a child care center. They have been in business for over 11 years, and recently opened their second location.

“But what sets us apart,” Jennifer said, “is our focus on getting to know our members, and having a family atmosphere. We’ve seen a lot of members leave and come back, because they can’t get the attention we give them at Premier.”

“Extremely helpful, and easy to work with”

Seeking a better way to communicate with their clients, Premier Fitness partnered with Netpulse to develop their own branded mobile app. . Premier especially wanted features such as fitness challenges, promotions, and personalized communications with their customers.

“Netpulse made it simple. Our Account Manager, Kayla, was quick and responsive in dealing with any questions we had. Kayla was extremely helpful, and easy to work with,” Jennifer said.


Once the app was ready to launch, Premier Fitness began a big marketing push. “We put it up on all of our social media channels, and in our signs and TV’s throughout the club,” Jennifer said. “We even had our instructors announce the app before beginning their training sessions and classes.”

“If you don’t have an app, you’re behind the times”

Customers immediately began engaging with the app. “Members think our app is really cool,” Jennifer said. “It’s already a selling point. They especially love the xCapture and workout logging features, as well as our fitness challenges.” Jennifer has found that the app has been a force multiplier for Premier Fitness’ business.

“It’s a great motivator to bring people to the club and to keep them engaged on their journey to reach their fitness goals. Having an app is an advantage for us. If you don’t have an app, you’re behind the times,” Jennifer said.

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