On the Cutting Edge: The Alaska Club Success Story

alaska-club-np-banners_blog2.png20 years ago Tina Day was only a member of The Alaska Club, who dropped her young daughter off at the club’s child care facility while she attended her favorite group fitness classes. Today Tina and her daughter are still members -- but now when Tina is done with her workout, she steps into her role as the Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Alaska Club.

Celebrating its 30th birthday this February, The Alaska Club has expanded from one location to 16 state-wide. The club found success by focusing on offering quality equipment and experiences for the whole family.

“We offer everything you can think of in terms of equipment, cardio, and facilities,” Tina said. “We offer over 350 fitness classes, 5 pools (most with splash parks), and spa facilities.”

One of the Alaska Club’s most unique features is its premium platinum club, which is reserved for members 21 and older.

“The premier platinum club has everything from group fitness to yoga, all new equipment, and a snack (and beer and wine!) bar. Our target demographic is women between 24-54, and their families. We feel our facilities, which has many fitness options for everyone, do an excellent job of meeting and exceeding our members’ needs,” Tina said.

"We're so happy that we can send an email or call, and receive support immediately." 

One area where The Alaska Club wasn’t exceeding expectations was their mobile app. “We had an app before we met Netpulse, but it was really basic, and wasn’t compatible with other systems the club had in place,” Tina said. “We had heard about Netpulse previously, and we went to get a demo from them at IHRSA 2015.”

After the demo, The Alaska Club decided to partner with Netpulse. Tina and the Club were especially excited about the mobile sign-in features, group-x pro, and being able to issue fitness challenges to their members.


“We are very happy about our decision to partner with Netpulse,” Tina said. “We love the customer service. We’re so happy that we can send an email or call, and receive support immediately. Netpulse even shared best practices and tips as well!”

"It's important to stay on the cutting edge, and the app makes it so simple for us..."

During launch, The Alaska Club promoted the app through digital advertising, posters, newsletters, and created a challenge for their employees as well. “We offered incentives for our members (download the app to join our new fitness challenge) and ran internal incentive programs for our staff,” Tina said.

The results were immediate: upon release, many members downloaded and began to use the app. The Alaska Club found that members in particular enjoyed competing in fitness challenges and the ability to receive push notifications.

“The app is such a great communicating tool with members,” Tina said. “Being able to send push notifications to our members about parking lots being closed, or incoming snow storms is so helpful to many of our members.”

“The best thing about our app is how easy it is to use--for our customers and for us. It’s important to stay on the cutting edge, and the app makes it so simple for us to run reports and see how our members are interacting with our app.”

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