Digital Marketing for Health Clubs Introduction: Your Marketing Pyramid

digital-marketing-guide_blog.pngNew technology has changed the way clubs do marketing. It not enough anymore to simply print out some flyers, run a newspaper ad and call it a day. It’s a nuanced, data-heavy and technologically savvy practice that can help your club acquire more members than ever before. Not sure where to get started? Are you using some digital marketing tools, but not in a coordinated way?

Well, you’re in the right place. This is the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing, a series of blog posts on how to use digital technology to build a marketing machine for your club that works. This first post is an overview of how your club should think about your digital marketing tools. The next 11 posts will dive into the benefits of each tool and how you can build them into the marketing machine at your club.

To organize all of your tools, it’s helpful to think of 3 categories of digital marketing that all successful clubs must have: Digital Presence, Engagement Channels and Attraction Channels.

Table of Contents:

Digital Presence

Just like a club has a physical presence, its brick-and-mortar gym, it also has a digital presence -- typically a club’s website, blog and mobile app. These platforms are where members and prospects interact with the club online. It’s not just a source of club information, like club hours and location, but should also be a fully immersive engagement tool. All of a club’s other marketing activities should direct people to the club’s digital presence. If your club doesn’t have a website and mobile app it’s literally like you don’t exist online.

This series will cover building a digital presence with a website, blog and mobile app.

Engagement Channels

Once your club has established its digital presence it can use engagement channels to encourage members and prospects to engage with the club online. These engagement channels are typically digital communication channels such as email, mobile push notifications and social media. They encourage people who are already connected with your club to take an action, such as referring a friend or signing up for a class, or engage with the club’s digital presence by doing things like tracking a workout on the app or reading a new blog article.

This series will cover engagement channels such as email, push notifications, social media and mobile rewards.

Attraction Channels

If engagement channels typically target those who are already connected to your club, then attraction channels target prospects who are not yet connected to your club. These channels are usually digital advertising channels, such as Google Adwords, or online directories such as Yelp. They can also include the type of word-of-mouth advertising that happens through referrals. These types of channels can often be more costly to maintain, but if done well, can lead to a much greater return in new membership revenue.

This series will cover attraction channels such as online directories, search engine marketing, display ads and mobile referrals.

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