The Future Of Wearables In Health Clubs [Webinar Recap]


In The Future of Wearables in Health Clubs webinar, Netpulse VP of growth Greg Skloot and MYZONE co-founder and president Emmett Williams, discuss how club operators can leverage wearable technology to engage members and boost retention.

With 50% of Americans expressing interest in purchasing a wearable, it only makes sense for club owners to take advantage of the opportunities wearable technology has created. Since skyrocketing in popularity in 2012, wearables have disrupted traditional fitness staples like Weight Watchers and have forced them to adapt to the changing times.

Greg and Emmett discussed an overview of wearable technology, how and why wearables are effective as fitness related devices and most importantly how you can actually use webinars in your club to keep members engaged and drive additional ancillary revenue.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How the health crisis and increased focus on corporate wellness have been major factors in the rise of wearables.
  • How wearables can create value for your club by forcing members into a “habit loop” that ends with them receiving a sense of satisfaction.
  • How wearables can be used to move the needle on the engagement and retention of three specific populations in your club.
  • Ways you can include wearable technology into your sales pitch to members to make them more inclined to join your gym.
  • How wearables can enhance your paid programming by making it easier for trainers to stay connected with members and hold them accountable.


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