How 1 Push Alert Earned $9,600 in New Club Memberships

core-stories-blog-shareables-01.pngA small health club was facing an age-old industry problem: how were they going to get new members through the door? Their 300 members loved their focus on boot camp training, but they needed to reach new prospects. They had tried traditional marketing tactics like direct mail campaigns and new club signage, but their dollars weren’t getting new members in the door.

The club decided to try something new and purchased their own Club Mobile App. Members downloaded the app to their smartphones, where they could view class schedules, earn reward points, purchase personal training sessions and more. The club staff decided to send a push alert--a short notification that appears on members’ smartphones--to their members inviting them to bring a friend to Saturday’s bootcamp classes for free. “Tomorrow morning only, bring a friend free to boot camp!”

pushgraphicactual.pngSaturday morning, the club staff waited anxiously at bootcamp to see if any members brought a friend. The club staff was excited to see that not just one or two members brought their friends - 26 did! Of the 26 friends who joined bootcamp that day, 9 of them loved it so much that they signed up for a full membership so they could come back every week.

Those 9 new members each paid $89 a month for bootcamp membership. Put together, the club earned an annual value of $9,600 from just one push alert. Their days of relying solely on expensive TV ad time and direct mail campaigns are over.

How many of your members will bring their friends? Start converting friends into new members .


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