How a Club Saved a $450 Membership With a Fitness Challenge

core_member_saved.pngA club wanted to focus on improving member engagement. They wanted to host a fitness challenge but their past efforts hadn’t gotten the results they were looking for. Instead of just trying again with a new theme or more expensive prize, they decided to try something new and hosted their new challenge through their club mobile app.

Members who had downloaded the app could register for the challenge and compete to burn the most calories. In past challenges members had to manually log their workouts on paper and calculate how many calories they had burned. Now the app handled everything, including tracking members’ workouts and logging results into the challenge. Members could even view the leaderboard and see their hard work pay off in real time.

When the club reviewed the analytics of members who participated in the challenge, they noticed a member who was very active in logging their workouts and rising up the leaderboard. In fact when they dug deeper, they saw that prior to the challenge, the member was checking into the club less and less and had all the qualities of a member who was going to cancel their membership. By utilizing the fitness challenge, the club successfully engaged this member and got him to continue of his membership instead of quitting, saving the club from losing his $450 life-time value membership.

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