How a Club Sold 20 Personal Training Packages With Just 1 Push Notification

cs3-c.pngA club reviewed their revenue and expenses for the month and determined that they needed to increase non-membership revenue. Selling memberships alone simply wasn’t driving profitability, and the operators know they had to focus on other sources, like personal training.

But how were they going to do it? The club had tried traditional marketing tactics like new signage and direct mail campaigns, but those methods were expensive and didn’t yield the results they needed.

Instead the club decided to try something new. They used the push notifications feature on their Club Mobile App. Push notifications are short messages that appear on the smartphone screens of members who have downloaded the club’s mobile app. A club administrator logged into the app’s web portal and wrote the message - “Kickstart your workout and meet with a trainer for a free fitness assessment! Click here to register.”

Once the admin clicked send the message was delivered to their 2,500 members. In just four hours, 106 members requested the free assessment. 20 of the members who tried the assessment liked it so much they purchased a monthly PT package at $89 a month. 20 members x $89 a month x 12 months = $24,000 in new annual PT revenue -- from one push notification.

How much more personal training could you sell? See a personalized demo of what a Club Mobile App can do for your club today:

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